Enforcement notice for White Rose incinerator

The Environment Agency served an enforcement notice on clinical waste management company White Rose Environmental on 6 May after a routine inspection of the Queen Street incinerator in Leeds found that monitoring equipment had not been working for three months.

The equipment monitored total organic compounds, an indicator of how efficiently an incinerator is working.

The Agency was happy that no breach of emission limits had occurred and that there had been no environmental impact. But White Rose had failed to pick up the fault in the equipment.

The notice requires the company to provide the Agency with a written procedure outlining how it will identify when such monitoring equipment has failed, who will be responsible for checking daily print-outs and what will be done if equipment fails. A procedure for auditing these arrangements should also be in place.

In addition, White Rose has to provide a report outlining the cause of the equipment failure, including recommendations and timescales for implementation so that future failures do not recur.