Tyre firm fined £12,500 for packaging error

Watts Industrial Group, one of the world's leading tyre manufacturers, has been fined £12,500 after failing to comply with the 1997 packaging regulations. The company had been aware of the regulations when they came into force, but did not realise that the definition of packaging included wooden pallets.

The company continued to operate without change until early last year, when the mistake was brought to its attention as part of the company's ISO140001 accreditation process.

Watts immediately informed the Agency of its non-compliance, but on 6 June found itself appearing before Gloucester magistrates to plead guilty to 12 charges under the regulations, including failing to register between 2000 and 2003. It was fined £12,000 with £1,593 costs.

  • A leading window components manufacturer was also fined in May for failing to comply with the regulations. The Agency began investigating Birmingham's Thermoseal Group, a maker of components for the glass and double glazing industry, in November last year, believing it to have failed to register.

    Appearing before Birmingham magistrates on 16 May, the company pleaded guilty to five charges under the regulations including failing to register and failing to acquire evidence of compliance. It was fined £10,000 for the offences with £795 costs.