Guidance on definition and classification of hazwaste

Revised technical guidance on the definition and classification of hazardous waste was issued by the Scottish Environment Protection Agency in November.1 The guidance was produced jointly by SEPA, the Environment Agency and the Northern Ireland Environment and Heritage Service.

First issued two years ago (ENDS Report 342, pp 45-46 ), the guidance is intended to be a reference document for all legislation which refers to hazardous waste and its management, and provides guidance on waste assessment.

The document includes a technical guidance note which focuses on the legal framework for the definition of hazardous waste as defined by the hazardous waste Directive, and outlines the methodology for assessing wastes based on the definitions included in the European Waste Catalogue (EWC) and guidance on determination of dangerous substances within waste.

The range of wastes that are classified as hazardous has increased significantly since regulations implementing the EWC were issued earlier this year (ENDS Report 363, p 52 ).