'Fit and proper persons' for dismantler licences

Guidance on who is "fit and proper" to be granted a waste management licence for facilities that depollute end-of-life vehicles was issued by the Environment Agency in January.1

Under regulations introduced last October, vehicle dismantlers who currently have a registered exemption under the waste management licensing regime must apply for a licence by 1 February unless they intend to handle only "depolluted" vehicles.

Plans to introduce stand-alone permits for dismantlers were dropped by the Government last year after the Agency assured it that the fit and proper persons assessment would be carried out with a light touch (ENDS Report 345, p 41 ).

The guidance sets out the level of financial provision that operators will need to make for any additional infrastructure, such as impermeable surfaces, which they need to meet their licence obligations. On relevant convictions, the guidance is the same as that for waste licences issued last summer.

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