Guidance on waste competence

Detailed guidance on the provision of technically competent management relating to licensed waste sites has been published by the Environment Agency.1

The guidance takes account of last year's amendments to the waste management licensing regulations, in which a range of new certificates of technical competence (COTCs) were prescribed, including certificates for hazardous waste activities and for composting and land remediation (ENDS Report 339, pp 42-43 ).

It explains the relationship between past and present COTCs, and which are currently valid.

An appendix lists minimum site attendance standards in relation to facilities' environmental scores under the operator and pollution risk appraisal (OPRA) scheme - although operators "will generally have the flexibility to demonstrate to the Agency that the operations are in the hands of technically competent people without reference to the minimum attendance standards."

Requirements under the landfill regulations for a further test of operator competence - relating to the provision of adequate professional technical development and training - are beyond the scope of the new guidance.