Agency and DEFRA update guidance on incineration

Technical guidance on the regulation of waste incineration installations under the integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC) regime was published on the Environment Agency website at the end of August.1

The Environment Department (DEFRA) has also made minor revisions to its guidance on the EU incineration Directive.2The Agency's guidance, dated July 2004, updates a version issued for consultation the previous year. It will support the process of IPPC permit applications for existing incineration plant, which in England and Wales must be submitted between 1 January and 31 March 2005. The guidance also applies in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The Agency will use the new permits to bring plants up to incineration Directive standards by 28 December 2005 and to specify any other improvements that constitute best available techniques (BAT). The guidance specifies the range of techniques considered to be indicative BAT.

Upgrading timescales in relation to standard good practice - such as management systems and good housekeeping - will have to implemented "well within three years" of issuing the new permits. Larger, more capital-intensive improvements should "ideally" be completed within three years, but "where justified in objective terms" longer timescales may be allowed.

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