Goldsmith deems ‘bonkers’ Heathrow expansion unlikely

Heathrow expansion is "more unlikely than likely" and a proper review into the planned development would conclude it is a "bad project", environment minister Zac Goldsmith has said.

Speaking in an interview with parliament’s The House Magazine, Goldsmith - who resigned his Richmond Park seat in protest over the Conservative Party’s support for the airport development before returning to the fold and being reelected in 2017 - said he is still a fierce critic of the scheme. 

“My position on Heathrow hasn’t changed,” Goldsmith told the magazine. “I think it’s a bonkers scheme, and all the arguments that I’ve been using for the last 10 years and repeating ad nauseam are true, in my view, and I see nothing to persuade me that they’re wrong.”

If there were a review into expansion similar to the one currently being undertaken into the High Speed Rail line (HS2), one that was “entirely objective and began with a fresh canvas”, it would “conclude that it’s a bad project,'' he said. 

“Heathrow still has to go through all kinds of cumbersome planning and policy processes, and I’m not convinced that it’ll survive that,” he said, adding that the airport will “struggle to come up with the cash” and therefore ask for “really vast sums of money from the public purse, and I don’t think there’s much appetite, if any appetite for that”.

“I think it's a bad scheme, I think it’ll do harm, but if I was asked to bet on whether Heathrow’s going to expand, I still believe Heathrow is more unlikely than likely to expand,” he said. 


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