Infographic: Focus on landfill’s shrinking capacity

England is running out if landfill capacity and if trends continue, landfills could be full in less than 8 years, according to the latest data.

England is heading for a landfill capacity crunch, official data suggests. Capacity fell by 44% in England between 1998 and 2018, dropping from 724 to 403 million cubic metres, the figures show. If inputs continue at 2018 rates, and no action is taken, landfills will run out of room in 7.8 years, the figures indicate.

A 2017 report published by waste firm Biffa estimated England had only 10 years of capacity remaining. But in reality, it said, the figure was likely to be less because some of the consented capacity is not available in practice.

“The reasons for this vary from site to site but include factors like inability to meet current Environment Agency groundwater protection engineering standards, mothballed or sterilised capacity or capacity which has not yet and may not be excavated by quarry operators,” the report said.

Consultants Tolvik calculated in 2017 that England had 6.8 years left of non-hazardous landfill capacity.

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