In a hurry? Friday’s environment news in 60 seconds

A round-up of the top stories this morning from ENDS and elsewhere, including campaigners urging metro mayor candidates to cleaner air, DuPont shareholders vote for plastic spills reporting and at nuclear base criticised for polluting the Clyde.

Campaigners urge metro mayor candidates to commit to air quality action

Candidates vying to become the elected mayors of city-regions across England in next month's elections have been urged to sign up to implement tough measures to bring air pollution below World Health Organisation guidelines. READ MORE

DuPont shareholders vote for plastic spills reporting 

Chemicals giant DuPont's shareholders have voted to force the company to produce an annual report outlining the amount of pre-production plastic the company has accidentally released into the environment. READ MORE

Trident nuclear base criticised for polluting the Clyde

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency criticised the Trident nuclear base for its 'poor' environmental performance after it breached pollution rules in 2019, it has emerged. READ MORE

Pandemic sets new air quality records

Nitrogen dioxide pollution plummeted last year as Covid-19 brought the economy to a standstill, though ground-level ozone rose to unprecedented levels, according to the latest government statistics. READ MORE

Unilever introduces detergent made from captured carbon

Multinational consumer goods firm Unilever is now selling a laundry detergent product made with a surfactant manufactured from carbon captured from industrial emissions. READ MORE

Planning Inspectorate approves Sizewell C changes aimed at reducing environmental impact

The Planning Inspectorate has approved 15 design changes to the Sizewell C nuclear power station, aimed at reducing the scheme’s environmental impacts. READ MORE

In other news…

Germany’s constitutional court has ruled that the Federal Climate Change Act of 2019 is unconstitutional. The law sets national climate targets and emission budgets to 2030 but the lack of subsequent targets neglects the rights of future generations, which are federally protected. Although the rights of future generations have little legal standing over here, they have been set in law in Wales. READ MORE

Ten percent of the ice bound in mountain glaciers will be lost within three decades, according to a study conducted for the Guardian. This will be the case even if the world meets the goals of the Paris Agreement, says the article.

The extra water is likely to add between 8 and 16cm to sea levels by 2100, says glaciologist Ben Marzeion from the University of Bremen. For now, at least, pledges made under the pact fall far short of the amount necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change. READ MORE

A killer robot is on the prowl,” in a Hampshire field, reports the same newspaper. Its prey is weeds, sending a 8,000-volt blast of electricity to eradicate them in a puff of smoke. Such agricultural automation could cut both pesticide and fertiliser consumption, with knock-on benefits to the environment. Robots could also have applications in the nuclear and offshore wind sectors. READ MORE

Global sales of electric vehicles leapt up 41% last year, bringing the total on the roads to 10m, says the International Energy Agency. Registrations of electric buses and trucks also expanded, rising to 600,000 and 31,000, respectively. The government has its own plans to boost domestic electric vehicle and battery production. READ MORE

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