In a hurry? Tuesday’s environment news in 60 seconds

A round-up of the top stories this morning from ENDS and elsewhere, including the UK Infrastructure Bank’s new chair, Whitehall seeking foreign investment in net zero, and UK REACH at risk of backsliding.

Chair named for new infrastructure bank                        

The government has appointed the former treasurer of Barclays Bank and recently retired chief executive of British Land to hold the reins at the UK Infrastructure Bank, which will help the country meet its net zero target. READ MORE

Government seeks overseas investment in net zero infrastructure                      

The government is seeking overseas investment in green industries, backed by a forthcoming global summit and a new advisory panel, while a minister has cast doubt on new nuclear projects. READ MORE

UK REACH ‘at risk of sliding backwards’, ministers told 

A group of 30 senior chemists and environmental scientists have raised concerns with ministers about the loss of access to EU chemical safety data and industry lobbying to dilute post-Brexit requirements. READ MORE

Top German court orders swift action on post-2030 climate targets

Germany’s main climate change law puts the freedoms of younger generations at risk because it fails to set clear emissions reduction targets after 2030, the country’s top court has ruled. READ MORE

‘Not fit for purpose’: EA fails to disclose information on 20-year beach sewage pollution despite legal order

The Environment Agency has failed to disclose information relating to 20 years of raw sewage discharges onto a beach in breach of wastewater laws, despite it being ordered to release the data by a tribunal almost 14 months ago. READ MORE

In other news…

Draft legislation to set the Sixth Carbon Budget into law was published on Friday. The Carbon Budget Order 2021 sets an emissions cap equivalent to 965mt of CO2 over 2033-37. It is equivalent to 78% cut in emissions compared to 1990, averaged over the period. The government said it would accept the target recommended by the Climate Change Committee last month, ahead of the US-led Leaders Summit on Climate. READ MORE

Conservative candidate for mayor of London Shaun Bailey, who is trailing in the polls after Labour incumbent Sadiq Khan, is facing an unexpected bill, reports the London Evening Standard. His 20-year-old electoral battlebus breaches the capital’s low emission zone rules, incurring a £300 daily pollution charge. Such rules are slowly spreading around the country. READ MORE

The Guardian reports that the German Green Party has taken the lead in national polls, five months ahead of federal elections. Six of ten polls indicate that the party will replace Angela Merkel’s conservative CDU. The news came only days after the nation’s top court found that its 55% 2030 climate target was unconstitutionally inadequate. READ MORE

The same newspaper reported over the long weekend that spikes in air pollution may impair cognition in older men. The discovery may be unsurprising considering that dirty air is already known play a role in initiating dementia, heart disease and premature birth, among a litany of other health impacts. READ MORE

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