England striker Marcus Rashford buys great crested newt licence

England footballer Marcus Rashford has bought a licence to protect great crested newts in order to get planning permission for the development of a five-bed mansion.

According to the Mirror, the protected amphibians were found at a Cheshire site where Rashford is having a mansion built.

The Manchester Utd striker was therefore required to buy a £1,300 permit from Natural England to obtain planning permission.

A source told the Mirror: "His licence fee will go straight into conservation and help pay for ‘compensatory habitats’ for newts to give them a sustainable future.”

Rashford agreed to a range of measures to help other wildlife including provisions for nesting birds and roosting bats, along with gaps in garden fences “to facilitate the movement of hedgehogs”.

Rashford’s proposed mansion lies on green belt land and a planning officer’s report deemed it would be an “inappropriate development in the green belt and would adversely affect openness,” the Mirror reported.

However, councillors approved the scheme as the home would be smaller than an alternative proposal that had already been approved after an application from a previous owner of the land, the paper said.

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