In a hurry? Thursday’s environment news in 60 seconds

A round-up of the top stories this morning from ENDS and elsewhere, including a call for the government to make heat pumps free for poorer households, the ‘alarming implications’ of a disease linked to mass frog deaths found in UK, and a warning of ‘sobering’ climate risks to UK.

Make heat pumps free for poorer households, government told

Low-income households should be provided with free heat pumps and insulation in a bid to stimulate the market for low-carbon heating, experts have told the government. READ MORE

‘Alarming implications’: Disease linked to mass frog deaths found in UK

A disease which has caused mass mortality events in frogs has for the first time been found in a captive UK population, a new study shows, which describes the implications as “alarming”. READ MORE

‘Sobering’: Climate risks to UK rising, warn frustrated government advisers

The lack of climate change adaptation action has left the UK more vulnerable to heatwaves, disruption to food supplies, rising sea levels, blackouts, wildfire, water scarcity and increased flooding, according to a damning report from the government’s climate change advisers. READ MORE

Environment Bill: Protection for pollinators amendment welcomed by conservationists

A proposed amendment to the Environment Bill aimed at protecting pollinators from pesticides was published yesterday and has been greeted by insect conservationists saying it puts in place something “people are shocked to hear isn’t happening already”. READ MORE

The 8 biggest climate risks facing the UK

An increasingly frustrated Climate Change Committee has called on the government to act to avoid increasing risks from climate change in a highly critical assessment published today. Of 61 risks to the UK, here are the eight most pressing identified by the government’s advisers. READ MORE 

High Court rejects challenge to UK ETS design

Waste incineration will continue to be excluded from the UK Emission Trading Scheme, while its generous initial emissions cap will also be allowed to remain, according to a court ruling. READ MORE

EA consults on technically competent manager attendance at waste sites

The Environment Agency is consulting on ways to assess how long technically competent managers must be in attendance at waste sites for each week. READ MORE

In other news…

'Major step forward' as national grid on track for 'zero carbon' periods by 2025

A report from the National Grid Electricity System Operator has said by 2025 it will have transformed the way the electricity system operates, so that when there is enough zero-carbon generation available, it can deliver electricity to Great Britain without using any fossil fuels, reports Sky News.

UK’s first hydrogen-powered train to be showcased at COP26

In less than five months’ time, the UK’s first hydrogen-powered train will operate from Glasgow during the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties, reports H2 View. Dubbed HydroFLEX, the train has been designed and built by engineers from Porterbrook and the University of Birmingham’s Centre for Railway Research.

Greenpeace Euro 2020 parachutist lucky not to be shot down, says politician

Joachim Herrmann, Bavaria’s interior minister for the state, says an activist could have ‘paid with life’ for a stunt before Germany v France game in Munich, reports the Guardian. Two people were injured when the activist lost control of his powered paraglider, which had a motor attached to his back, and hit overhead camera wires attached to the stadium roof.

UK could be left behind in the electric car race, warns report

Influential green group Transport and Environment (T&E) says as recently as 2018, the UK produced roughly half of all electric cars built in Europe. But the BBC reports it claims a lack of investment by UK manufacturers means that by the end of the decade that figure will have fallen to just 4%.


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