In a hurry? Wednesday’s environment news in 60 seconds

A round-up of the top stories this morning from ENDS and elsewhere, including the international standards body embedding climate considerations in all new standards, and how a landscape-scale rewilding project has been launched in the Scottish Highlands.

In a hurry? Wednesday’s environment news in 60 seconds In a hurry? Wednesday’s environment news in 60 seconds

‘Game-changing moment’: International standards body to embed climate considerations in all new standards

The international body which oversees the development of product and service standards has agreed to embed climate considerations into every new standard that is created, and to update existing standards to meet climate objectives. READ MORE

30-year ‘landscape-scale’ rewilding project launched in Scottish Highlands

A 30-year “landscape-scale rewilding initiative”, which could become the largest such project in the UK, potentially covering 500,000 acres of the Scottish Highlands, has been officially launched. READ MORE

Industrial pollution: 8 things you need to know about potential changes to BAT

Eight months after a consultation opened on a new regime to determine best available techniques to control industrial pollution, a response from the government is still awaited. Here’s what to expect. READ MORE

‘A UK first’: Wales planning policy updated to reflect climate change flood risk

Developers in Wales will have to take into account the risk posed by potential climate change induced flood and coastal erosion to have their plans approved, according to new guidance. READ MORE

Widespread presence of pharmaceuticals in waterways endangering wildlife, finds study

A high level of painkillers, anti-inflammatories, and antidepressants detected in British waterways may be contributing to the decline of freshwater invertebrates, a conservation charity has found. READ MORE

Fact checker: What does it mean to say land is ‘protected’?

A year ago today, the government committed to protect 30% of UK land for nature by 2030, when it said that national parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and other protected areas already comprise approximately 26% of land in England. But what does it really mean to say land is ‘protected’? READ MORE

In other news…

Northern Forest plan for 50 million trees gets £15m funding boost

The BBC reports that more than a million new trees will be planted after a project creating a Northern Forest stretching across the country received £15m of funding. The government money will help create 1,660 acres of woodland for the scheme, which aims to link trees from coast to coast, the Woodland Trust said. The broadcaster says that the project hopes to establish the 50 million trees in cities including Liverpool, Chester, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and Hull.

Every government department would have a 'rural minister' under Labour plans to woo countryside

Labour will pledge to create a minister for rural affairs in every government department on Monday, reports the Daily Telegraph, as the newspaper writes that the party is pitching itself to Conservative voters in the countryside. Sir Keir Starmer is concerned his party has lost support in the Red Wall and Scotland, the paper says, and will need to win back constituencies in the south of England not held by Labour since the 2001 election if it is to win a majority at Westminster.

Australian PM could skip crucial climate summit because he doesn’t want to spend ‘time in quarantine’

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison has indicated that he may not attend the upcoming United Nations conference on carbon emissions even as his country faces growing criticism for its backing of coal power, reports the Independent. When asked about the COP26 summit in November, the news outlet writes that Morrison said he has “not made any final decisions” on attending it, suggesting that it would be a waste to spend time under quarantine.

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