In a hurry? Thursday’s environment news in 60 seconds

A round-up of the top stories this morning from ENDS, including news that BECCS is a ‘bad bet’, according to an NGO study, and the report saying Ofgem risks ‘undermining net zero’.

Thursday’s environment news in 60 seconds

BECCS is a ‘bad bet’, says NGO report

Burning biomass and capturing the CO2 released will make climate change ‘worse, not better’, says US-based NGO the National Resources Defense Council, though Drax says the report is ‘incorrect and ill-informed’. READ MORE

Ofgem risks ‘undermining net zero’, says energy sector report

Energy regulator Ofgem risks undermining the transition to net zero by “underestimating the scale and pace of investment needed” in upgrading the energy grid, says a report by an energy trade association. READ MORE 

'Adapt or die’: EA warns people will die unless UK does more to prepare for climate change

The Environment Agency has issued a stark warning to the government that environmental regulation is “not ready for a changing climate” and that people will die unless more is done to adapt the UK to increases in extreme weather forecast over the coming decades. READ MORE

ClientEarth seeks litigants for air pollution damages

Environmental lawyers ClientEarth are planning to take an unprecedented step by forcing the government to compensate individuals for the UK’s failure to meet air quality limits. READ MORE

100 nations back global declaration on ‘ecological civilisation

Today’s Kunming Declaration on Biodiversity has been welcomed as a clear demonstration of political intent to tackle global biodiversity loss and the catastrophic failure to meet previous commitments. READ MORE 

100 peatland fires expose government’s new rules as ‘toothless’, say green groups

More than 100 fires on peatland have been reported across Northern England in the last four days, sparking outrage amongst green groups who say it proves the ineffectiveness of the government’s partial ban. READ MORE

In other news…

UK climate chief warns Tories of cost of delaying net zero

Politico reports that Alok Sharma, Britain's lead for negotiations ahead of COP26, urged those in his party who oppose the UK’s push for net zero to look at a recent Office for Budget Responsibility report on fiscal risks, which in his words, "makes it very clear that the longer you leave it, the more it's going to cost you". The news outlet writes that in an appeal to his party, Sharma stressed that what is "really important for us Conservatives is ensuring that we are leveraging three times as much from the private sector".

Carbon emissions ‘will drop just 40% by 2050 with countries’ current pledges’

The Guardian reports on findings from the International Energy Agency, which has said that current plans to cut global carbon emissions will fall 60% short of their 2050 net zero target, as it urged leaders to use the upcoming COP26 climate conference to send an “unmistakable signal” with concrete policy plans. In its annual World Energy Outlook, redesigned this year as a “guidebook” for world leaders attending the summit in Glasgow, the newspaper reports that the IEA predicted that carbon emissions would decrease by just 40% by the middle of the century if countries stick to their climate pledges.

China’s New Renewable Project Rivals All Wind and Solar in India

Bloomberg reports that China has started building a massive renewable energy project that’s bigger than all of the wind and solar power in India. Construction on the first phase, comprising 100 gigawatts of wind and solar in the desert, has started smoothly, President Xi Jinping said via video link at the UN COP15 biodiversity conference in Kunming. That’s more than the entire wind and solar capacity installed in India, according to BloombergNEF, and it would be able to generate four times as much power as the Three Gorges Dam.