ECO CHAMBER PODCAST: Killer whale apocalypse, sheep-scraped hellscapes and England's ignored pollution

Listen as the ENDS Report team examines the forever chemical that's decimating orca populations and other wildlife, reveals the masses of pollution incidents that are set to be ignored by the Environment Agency, and looks at whether new life can be breathed into the nation's sheep-scraped wastelands

Every fortnight, the ENDS team runs down the biggest green news stories, shines a spotlight on some pretty nasty chemicals, and takes a forensic look at one of the more deep-rooted environmental issues facing us today.
In this third episode, the team explores:
  • The forever chemical decimating marine wildlife
  • Why the Environment Agency has decided to ignore masses of pollution incidents
  • Whether England's barren landscapes can be brought back to nature
  • When a community will be saved from stinky emissions from a neighbouring landfill
  • And why a widely used weedkiller is worryingly problematic
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