WATCH NOW: Green watchdog chiefs on scrutiny, governance and enforcement

The chief executives of newly-established green watchdogs the Office for Environmental Protection (OEP) and Environmental Standards Scotland (ESS) discussed the UK’s emerging post-Brexit environmental governance arrangements with ENDS at this free-to-view webinar, available to watch on demand now.

Natalie Prosser, chief executive of the OEP, and Mark Roberts, chief executive of ESS, was joined at the webinar on Wednesday 20 July by Ruth Chambers, senior fellow in the Green Alliance’s Greener UK unit.

The webinar, organised by ENDS Report, comes at a time when the OEP and ESS begin to show their stripes. Earlier this month, the OEP published its advice in response to DEFRA’s draft environmental targets consultation, in which it raised concern over “inconsistent levels of ambition” across the proposals. Last month, it published its corporate plan and enforcement policy, and announced it had launched an investigation into the role of Ofwat, the Environment Agency and the environment secretary in regulating, monitoring and enforcing water companies’ own duties to manage sewage. 

ESS, meanwhile, is consulting on its draft strategic plan, and last month launched an investigation into support for local authorities in the delivery of climate change targets.

Listen to the webinar, now available on demand, to hear the speakers discuss what’s happened so far, the early priorities for the UK’s new green watchdogs, and what environmental professionals can expect to come, including...

* the enforcement powers available to the new regulators and how environmental rule-breaking will be dealt with

* the first complaints to be considered by the new watchdogs and how they will be investigated

* the role of the new regulators in scrutinising environmental law and advising ministers on proposed changes to green rules

* the degree of independence the new environmental watchdogs can expect from their political masters

* the practical implications of the establishment of the new regulators for environmental practitioners