COP27 briefing: ENDS' guide to navigating this year's climate talks

World leaders, lobbyists and campaigners will descend on Egypt over the next two weeks for the UN’s COP27 climate summit, in a bid to come to an agreement on how to implement promises made at last year’s Glasgow summit, and keep the world below 1.5°C.

This special COP27 report – the latest in ENDS’ series of in-depth briefings – contains all you need to be across the key talking points of the summit, whether attending in person or following from afar, analysis of who the movers and shakers are set to be, and explanations of the differing agendas being brought to the negotiating table.

You’ll also find a run down of the lobbying positions of different nation states and blocs, and a jargon-busting glossary of terms to see you through the more technical aspects of the international conference. Please scroll down to access the special report’s content.


Illustration of a row of people talking

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COP27: Who is lobbying for what?

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Alok Sharma, John Kerry and Rishi Sunak

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COP27: A glossary of terms

Climate negotiations can be full of jargon. This handy list of essential terms will keep you in the loop.

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