ECO CHAMBER PODCAST: Peer pressure, tidal power, and the government's pilloried poo plan

Listen as the ENDS Report team interviews the chief executive of the Wildlife Trusts, examines a resurrected ecology bill, discusses the pros and cons of tidal power, examines the challenges to DEFRA's sewage plan, and chews over the EU's energy charter treaty

Every fortnight, the ENDS team runs down the biggest green news stories and takes a forensic look at one of the more deep-rooted environmental issues facing us today.

In this 26th episode, ENDS interviews Craig Bennett, the Wildlife Trusts' chief executive, about the government's 'attack on nature.

The team also explores:

  • The odds of success for a new ecology bill
  • The pros and cons of tidal power
  • The Legal challenges to DEFRA's sewage reduction plan
  • The EU's energy charter treaty

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