How to leverage digital tools to land a dream role

Annie Hayes at ENDSjobsearch explains how to make the most of technology to secure the right role for you.

Our connectedness and ability to reach out digitally beyond the confines of our current networks bring great advantages when jobhunting. Together with access to tools that enable us to work from home, communicate effectively and continue with our professional development, these combine to ensure we have the necessary skills, knowledge and aptitude to get the right job when opportunity strikes. 

Here are ways in which digital tools can help you get selected for the job:

Find the dream: It’s no secret that digital technologies allow us to locate jobs that we may not have been party to. You cannot apply if you aren’t aware of the vacancy. Using e-jobs boards are a great way to stretch the search zone. Industry vacancies are often posted on vertical jobs boards including ENDSjobsearch. You can apply filters, location and salary expectations to ensure your search is targeted. LinkedIn, the professional networking site, is another great way to establish your career profile, add and maintain contacts and importantly be found by recruiters within your sector. There are many job board apps that you can browse on your smartphone too.

Take your office with you: Remote working has been strongly established during the pandemic and many roles continue to be either fully based from home or on a hybrid working model, in which a mix of home and office working is now acceptable. If you can establish a home office that replicates the necessary digital tools you need in the office then you can be open to these types of roles. Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, Skype and Zoom are just some of the video conferencing platforms that are available. These can be used in conjunction with collaborative tools including Slack, Huddle and Google Workspace. An ability to both have these tools as part of your home office set up, together with the skills to use them, will not only give you the opportunities to work more flexibly but also to land a job that may not be geographically convenient but might work on a hybrid model.

Go where the environmentalists are: Social media is a great platform if used effectively. Many environmental campaigns are burgeoning online. If you are involved in a particular project or area of expertise then find out which social media platforms people are discussing the issues on. For example, The Royal Society for Protection of Birds, ‘Big Garden Birdwatch’ is a great platform to meet like minded campaigners and enthusiasts. It can leverage useful research and latest thinking. Employers may also be part of these online communities and having an awareness of them, as well as taking part, will put you in good standing for your next job.

Champion the data: From emissions calculations to carbon footprints statistics – the data is there for those working in the sector to not only feel informed but also to become strategically enabled. Utilising this hub of critical information is not only key to the decisions the sector makes but harnessing it may also be the differentiator between candidates when an employer is faced with a choice. Knowing your market and the direction it is going in will not only ensure you are informed but also that you are ready and equipped with the facts for your current or future positions.

Upskill digitally: Technical knowledge is in demand. Within your sector this may be learning how to use a particular software programme or how to use e-collaborative tools. Taking the opportunity for continuous professional development is important if you want to move up the career ladder as well as retain your current position and become established in it. Opportunities may arise from your current employer as well as externally. Being open to learning is the key if you are to get ahead.

Technology not only opens up chances to source your next position but also provides available data, research and new ways to connect and collaborate with those in your industry. Harnessing all these avenues is a great way to forge ahead and make the steps towards landing your dream job.

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