ECO CHAMBER PODCAST: The trees that toppled the Tories, Green Party gains, and Labour’s EA vision

Listen as the ENDS Report team examines how green issues played a part in the local election results, discusses reports that Labour intends to break up the Environment Agency, and talks politics with Wildlife & Countryside Link chief executive Richard Benwell.

Every week, the ENDS team runs down the biggest green news stories across the UK and takes a forensic look at one of the more deep-rooted environmental issues facing us today.

In this 40th episode, we'll be discussing...

  • How environmental issues played a key part in last week’s local election results
  • The future prospects for the Environment Agency, should Labour win the next election
  • Why 2022 was a deadly year for rare birds of prey

And in our deep dive section, we'll be talking politics with Wildlife and Countryside Link chief executive Richard Benwell.