ECO CHAMBER PODCAST: Pollution penalty shootout, water voles let loose, PLUS international climate broker on finding consensus

Listen as the team works out why United Utilities was fined £800,000, discover the reason for the release of hundreds of water voles in the Lake District and hear from Climate Group CEO Helen Clarkson on brokering climate change treaties.

Every week, the ENDS team runs down the biggest green news stories across the UK and takes a forensic look at one of the more deep-rooted environmental issues facing us today.

On this week's episode we discuss:- 

  • The £800,000 fine levied against United Utilities for over-abstraction

  • The EA's potential new powers to issue fines 1000 times greater than ever before.

  • If water voles are really as cool as beavers following the release of hundreds in the Lake District. 

For this week's deep dive, we speak to Climate Group's CEO Helen Clarkson about electric cars and what it takes to broker international climate agreements.