Barcodes for big bags, Wales' sewage shocker PLUS nitrates expert on nutrient neutrality solutions

Why is Welsh Water in hot water? Why does my bin bag need a digital barcode? And why is nutrient neutrality back in the news? Listen to this week's Eco Chamber podcast to find out

Every week, the ENDS team runs down the biggest green news stories across the UK and takes a forensic look at one of the more deep-rooted environmental issues facing us today.

In THIS week’s episode, we're covering...

  • The OEP’s warning that environmental assessments aren’t up to snuff but the government's plans probably won't work.
  • Welsh Water’s terrible track record on pollution spills.
  • The government’s latest plans on waste including a scheme to digitise its movement – rubbish or treasure?

And finally, for this week’s deep dive we hear from nutrient neutrality expert Dr Gabriel Connor-Streich about the solutions to England's nitrates and phosphates glut.