95% of vehicles driving in London are now ULEZ compliant, figures show

96.5% of cars and 86.2% of vans driving in London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) were compliant in the first month after the scheme’s expansion, according to new figures published by City Hall.

Despite legal and political backlash, in August this year London’s ULEZ scheme was successfully expanded to all London boroughs. 

In a new report published today, City Hall has revealed that during the first month after the expansion, an average of 95% of vehicles across inner and outer London were compliant with the scheme, up from 90.9% in June 2023. 

As a result there are fewer older, more polluting cars seen driving in the zone. On an average day, there were 77,000 fewer unique non-compliant vehicles compared to June 2023. 

The figures also show that there has also been an overall reduction in the number of vehicles seen driving into the zone. On an average day there were 48,000 fewer unique vehicles driving each day in the London-wide ULEZ compared to June 2023. This is a 2% reduction, although the report states that it will take more time for traffic patterns post launch to fully emerge.

The report also concluded that after just one month, compliance rates across all vehicle types in outer London have nearly caught up with inner London. 

96.4% of cars seen driving in outer London are now compliant with the scheme, compared to 96.9% of cars seen driving in inner London. 

City Hall has described the data as evidence that the expanded scheme has been “highly effective” at reducing the number of more polluting vehicles. 

Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “I’ve always said that the decision to expand the ULEZ was very difficult, but a month on from the expansion we can already see that it is working. 

“London is now home to the world’s largest clean air zone and this new data shows 95%of vehicles seen driving in London on an average day now comply with our air quality standards – a 10%point increase since I began to consult on the ULEZ expansion in May 2022. This will make a huge difference to the lives and health of Londoners.

“More than 19 in 20 vehicles on London’s roads are now compliant and do not need to pay the daily ULEZ  charge. For the remaining Londoners still driving non-compliant vehicles, millions of pounds of scrappage scheme support is still available. Take-up has been incredible, with 37,256 grants approved for Londoners to date for the outer London expansion alone, and I encourage anyone affected by the ULEZ to apply today for support. 

“This data is a testament to the huge progress we’ve made in tackling toxic air pollution since I was first elected in 2016. Londoners are experiencing a greener, cleaner, and healthier city.

“I am determined to do all I can to ensure that Londoners now and the next generation can grow up breathing cleaner air, wherever they live in the capital.”