Christmas special: The year’s worst villains, biggest gaffes, and 2023’s top of the poops

Listen as the ENDS Report discusses the highs and lows of 2023, including the year’s biggest green gaffes, the worst villains – and find out who was top of the poops

Which politician was behind the biggest green gaffe in 2023? Who was the year’s worst villain? And which of the water companies was top of the poops? Listen to the Eco Chamber’s Christmas special podcast to find out.

Every week, the ENDS team enters the ECO Chamber to discuss the UK’s biggest green news stories, as well as taking a forensic look at one of the deep-rooted environmental issues facing us today.

In this week’s episode - the final episode of 2023 - the team takes a look back at the environmental policy highs and lows of the year, including:

  • The biggest green gaffes of 2023
  • The year’s worst villains
  • Who’s top of the poops
  • And the team’s highlights of the year