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The last-minute change to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme grabs an extra £1bn a year for the exchequer, transforming a complex, revenue-neutral incentive scheme into a complex new carbon tax. No one saw it coming

Before the election, the then shadow chancellor George Osborne used to give speeches about how Labour had given green taxes – fundamentally a good thing – a bad name.

Now, in the heat and rush of the comprehensive spending review, that is exactly what he has done with his surprising last-minute raid on the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme (see p 7).

Instead of being recycled back to CRC participants in line with energy saving merit, all the money raised by allowance sales will now go to the Treasury – and not necessarily be spent on cutting carbon.

The last-minute change grabs an extra £1bn a year for the exchequer, transforming a complex, revenue-neutral incentive scheme into a complex new carbon tax. No one saw it coming.

At a time of growing moans from business and think tanks about the plethora of overlapping financial instruments targeting energy and emissions, the changed CRC scheme is now just one more. It muddies the water for the forthcoming reform of energy markets and the climate change levy.

Industry’s anger is justified and understandable. The one positive is that the rejigged CRC might just cut more carbon.

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