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Special Report: Carbon Offsets 2010


The last 12 months have seen a number of significant deals in the industry. While many reflect a growing trend of financial sector investment and consolidation, others show the recession is still affecting short-term confidence.

August 2010

India Venture Partnership took a 15–20% stake in Indian carbon offset developer and consultancy, Gensol. It intends to use the investment to expand staff to 600 and revenue 15-fold, making it one of the biggest carbon firms in India.
Morgan Stanley said it is seeking buyers for its stake in offset project developer MGM International.
Intercontinental Exchange announced staff layoffs at the Chicago Climate Exchange, according to Reuters. It cited a lack of US action on climate change.
Camco bought a carbon offset and clean energy portfolio, which is expected to generate 100,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

July 2010

Camcoc also announced a 6% reduction in the credits it expects from its clean energy project portfolio by 2012.
Barclays completed its acquisition of Swedish trading business Tricorona for £100.4m.

December 2009

JP Morgan bought offset provider EcoSecurities for $210m, which had stakes in 341 emission-reduction projects in developing countries in the first half of 2009, according to Bloomberg.
A decision to close EcoSecurities’ New York branch was made in March 2010. JP Morgan also bought UK carbon offset business Climate Care in 2008.

October 2009

Goldman Sachs, BlueSource and CE2 Carbon Capital announced a $12m carbon credit purchase, the largest such in the US.
In late 2008, Goldman Sachs had previously announced alliances with E&Co business clean energy developers and Blue Source LLC.

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