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Foreword: risks to recovery make prospects precarious

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Special Report: ENDS Directory 2011


David Carr
David Carr

Welcome to the 2011 edition of the ENDS Directory, available free to all ENDS Report subscribers. Now in its eighteenth year, it provides a comprehensive, detailed and informative listing of UK environmental consultancies and eco-service providers. It remains the most detailed directory of its type and contains much easily accessible information, both in print and online.      

For many organisations listed, 2010 has been difficult. While recession has passed, it has given way to a fragile recovery and the prospects for many businesses remain precarious, particularly those in development-related fields.       

And, while an upturn of sorts has taken root in parts of the private sector, 2011 will be no picnic. Risks to growth remain, not least from the effects of the public sector austerity drive. Spending cuts and tax rises risk throwing the wider recovery off course. We consider what this means for environmental consultancies, service providers, and their clients (see pp 7-9).

But aside from the ups and downs of the economic climate, the environmental agenda will continue to evolve. And for environmental professionals working in it, raising their profile will remain an important goal.

For those in the contaminated land sector, this should become a little easier in 2011, thanks to industry body, CLAIRE. Through its newly established qualifications board, CLQB, it is set to roll out a suite of nationally recognised qualifications. We hear from the organisation’s chief executive and qualifications board manager about their plans and ambitions for the scheme (see pp 11-15).

Consultants’ directory entries

For consultancies opting for a full-profile entry, the directory displays in-depth information on their key strengths, work types undertaken, past clients and projects, and more.

In addition, an ‘experience matrix’ illustrates each consultancy’s areas of expertise. It provides an ‘at a glance’ assessment of what’s on offer, enabling you to easily find a consultancy that meets your requirements.         

We hope you find the 2011 ENDS Directory to be valuable and informative, and something that can be referred to, throughout the coming year.

David Carr

Editor, ENDS supplements

Special Report

ENDS Directory 2011