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The ENDS Report's Brexit Hub is an online service intended to help environmental professionals understand the practical implications of the UK's decision to leave the European Union.

This page rounds up the ENDS Report's coverage of the policy discussions, legal obligations and potential compliance and management implications arising from the UK's exit from the bloc. 

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Latest Brexit news & analysis

Brexit Hub Legislation

EA chief: ‘Scrap the Floods Directive and reform the Water Framework Directive’

EA chief executive Sir James Bevan

The outgoing chief executive of the Environment Agency Sir James Bevan has again stated his desire to make changes to the Water Framework Directive’s one-out-all-out water quality rule

Brexit Hub Policy

‘Be afraid’: Will Liz Truss trash green policy?

The new Prime Minister has promised to ‘deliver, deliver, deliver’ and, it seems, deregulate, deregulate, deregulate. Her time as environment secretary saw deep cuts to the budgets of England’s environmental regulators, and some fear her comments on the campaign trail do not bode well for the biodiversity and climate crises, reports Rachel Salvidge

Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

How politics threatens to wreck ‘Green Brexit’

The political landscape is in flux and the future of environmental policy uncertain, with the Tory leadership hopefuls embarking on the last leg of what looks like a race to the bottom on green regulation, reports David Burrows

Brexit Hub Chemicals

UK chemicals regulation to cost industry £2bn and could ‘provide less protection from hazardous chemicals’

The cost to the chemicals and manufacturing sectors of replicating the EU’s REACH regime for the UK market following Brexit is set to cost twice as much as industry estimates, according to ministers, and NGOs say it could provide a lower level of protection for consumers and the environment from hazardous chemicals

Brexit Hub Regulation

What happens when the watchdogs attack?

The Office for Environmental Protection has leapt into action following complaints that the water industry is not being regulated properly and Environmental Standards Scotland is up and running. They are nimbler but wield smaller sticks than the European Commission so can they bring public bodies to heel? asks James Fair

Brexit Hub Regulation

Rees-Mogg mocks the precautionary principle

Brexit opportunities minister Jacob Rees-Mogg appeared keen to ditch the precautionary principle while giving evidence to a committee of MPs last week. Meanwhile, a government policy statement on environmental principles, which would include the precautionary principle, remains missing

Latest Brexit Library updates

Brexit Hub

Statutory instrument on environmental protection for merchant shipping

Amends legislation pertaining to environmental protection provisions relating to air pollution (specifically the sulphur content of marine fuels) and anti-fouling systems (see Legal Outline) to ensure they remain legally operable following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU

Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

General election: What green pledges have the parties made so far?

Extinction Rebellion activists protest against deforestation in Brazil. Green policies are set to play a big role in the general election following a surge in activism.  Photograph: Guy Smallman/Getty Images

With climate change and the environment set to be important issues in the general election campaign, ENDS takes a look at what the main parties have announced so far

Brexit Hub

Statutory instrument on legislative functions

Provides for legislative functions of the European Commission under various environmental directives to be exercisable instead by a public authority in the United Kingdom

Brexit Hub

Statutory instrument on pesticides (amendment)

Amends retained EU legislation on maximum residue level regimes and changes EU exit day as set out in retained law, fixes errors in earlier instruments that omitted provisions on endocrine disrupting chemicals

Brexit Hub

Scottish statutory instrument on extractive waste

Replaces out of date references to relevant EU legislation with either equivalent text or references to current EU instruments


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