The EIA Benchmarking Monitor bulletin is a new monthly bulletin exclusively for ENDS Report subscribers, containing details of the latest EIA activity on the biggest infrastructure projects in England and Wales

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  • Plan for Lower Thames Crossing

    EIA: The mega project masters

    Who are the consultants taking a lead role in advising on the environmental impacts of the biggest infrastructure projects in England and Wales? Adam Branson investigates

  • Illustration of man looking up at a tall pile of paper

    Out of proportion: have EIAs grown too big?

    Environmental impact assessment in the UK has long been considered to have a problem with proportionality. Why does this matter and what can be done to improve the situation? Isabella Kaminski investigates

  • Aerial view of housing development

    How have changes to EIA rules affected environmental consultancies’ work?

    The environmental impact assessment regime changed almost two years ago to include human health in a social context, competency checks and major disasters. James Agyepong-Parsons speaks to the experts about how it has affected their practice


EIA Benchmarking Monitor: live table

  • Highway construction

    EIA Benchmarking Monitor: live table

    Click through to view a live table containing details of the latest EIA activity on major projects being decided via the fast-track planning process for infrastructure schemes in England and Wales

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EIA Benchmarking Monitor

Track EIA activity on the biggest infrastructure projects in England and Wales

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