Commercial forestry could help Wales meet its woodland goals. Photograph: David Martyn Hughes/123RF

Welsh environment regulator gets new chair following timber scandal

The environment regulator for Wales has a new leader, three months after a timber scandal forced the old chair out

Man working on computer

DEFRA seeks software engineers to ‘revolutionise’ environmental protection

DEFRA is advertising for the recruitment of 24 software engineers across ten roles in a bid to help it better manage and protect the environment

Kate Levick

E3G appoints new sustainable finance programme lead

Environmental think tank E3G has appointed Kate Levick as its programme leader for sustainable finance

Monica Gomez

Apple environment, health and safety expert joins Delta-Simons

Consultants Delta-Simons have appointed Monica Gomez as a senior consultant on their environment, health, safety and sustainability team

Patricia Gill

Insider Insight: Honing your technical knowledge is key to success

Geo-environmental work is more than just about academic qualifications, says Patricia Gill, geo-environment director at WYG, it also requires lots of practical know-how

David Rutley

DEFRA creates new ministerial post for ‘Brexit readiness’

David Rutley, a government whip and lord commissioner of the Treasury, has become DEFRA minister for Brexit readiness, the department announced yesterday

Loch Langabhat salmon farm

SEPA compliance chief takes salmon industry job

A senior compliance officer at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency has left to join Scotland’s salmon farming industry group in a move that has been widely criticised by green groups

Sydnee Grushack

Eunomia’s transatlantic expansion

Environmental consultancy Eunomia has appointed Sydnee Grushack to its New York office

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