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The GGCS is managed by the REA. Photograph: Evelyn Simak/

UK green gas breaks new record

More than 40 anaerobic digesters are now injecting methane into the gas grid, according to the Renewable Energy Association

Dr Ruth McKernan. Photograph: Innovate UK

Innovate UK leader McKernan to resign

Government seeks new Innovate UK chief executive as Ruth McKernan announces her departure from the research group

Four UK research-hubs will develop AI tech with energy innovations. Photograph: Shawn Hempel/123RF

AI and robots to tackle North Sea depths

Multimillion-pound research grants for advanced technologies in the energy sector have been ring-fenced by BEIS

Long-term policy strategy remains the biggest cause for concern for green finance. Photograph: Weerapat Kiatdumrong/123RF

Green Finance Taskforce handed its remit

The government’s new Green Finance Taskforce has less than six months to come up with ten big policy recommendations  

Charles Hendry is to chair SPIA. Photograph: Solar Trade Association

New powerhouse lobby group for renewables formed

A coalition of renewable trade bodies, chaired by ex-energy minister Charles Hendry, has been launched to help steer government on smart power future

Lord Deben returns as CCC chair. Photograph: Committee on Climate Change

Lord Deben re-elected to chair Committee on Climate Change

The CCC has voted to extend Lord Deben’s leadership of the influential climate body and will be joined by economist Paul Johnson

STA CEO Paul Barwell has announced his departure. Photograph: Solar Trade Association

Chief executive of UK solar trade industry to step down  

STA’s Paul Barwell will retire from the Solar Trade Association as board seeks new leader

Dorothy Thompson. Photograph: Drax

Drax chief executive ready to stand down

Chief executive Dorothy Thompson is set to retire from Drax after overseeing a difficult five-year transition period for the company

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