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Loch Langabhat salmon farm

SEPA compliance chief takes salmon industry job

A senior compliance officer at the Scottish Environment Protection Agency has left to join Scotland’s salmon farming industry group in a move that has been widely criticised by green groups

Sydnee Grushack

Eunomia’s transatlantic expansion

Environmental consultancy Eunomia has appointed Sydnee Grushack to its New York office

Costanza Poggi

New comms guru for green lobbyist

Seahorse Environmental Communications has appointed Costanza Poggi as a consultant

Nick Shenken

Energy expert joins top-50 law firm

Law firm TLT has appointed Nick Shenken as a partner for its expanding clean energy team

Ben Hill

Former Tesla VP to boost Solo Energy’s virtual power plant offer

Renewable energy company Solo Energy has appointed Ben Hill to advise on creating virtual power plants to balance fluctuations in electricity supply

Gabor Antony

Air quality expansion at Delta-Simons

Delta-Simons has added an air quality service to its environmental planning division, appointing Gabor Antony as its new air quality manager

Tim Carter

JBA hires new environmental technical director from Tidal Lagoon Power

JBA Consulting has hired Tim Carter as an environmental technical director for its Newport office, where he will be providing environmental advice across the company and supporting business development

Alice Rimington

Insider Insight: The sector is progressing on gender equality, but there’s still room for improvement

Good communication skills and a genuine interest in the environment are vital to succeed in the planning and construction sectors, says Alice Rimington, senior environmental manager at RSK

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