Career insights


How to sell your transferable skills to employers in the environment sector FREE

ENDSjobsearch spoke to IEMA, WSP and the Essex Wildlife Trust for tips to help you move into the sector

Flexible Working

Why flexible working is needed to sustain the environment sector FREE

ENDSjobsearch spoke to four organisations in the environment sector for their insights into flexible working and why it’s key to success.

Amy Slack

Insider insight: Sticking it out when policymakers are against you demonstrates you’ll be an asset in the long term

Marine plastics is at the top of everyone’s agenda but more focus on the waste hierarchy is needed, says Amy Slack senior project manager within Eunomia’s waste operations team

Rebecca Woodward

Insider insight: connecting with people from all backgrounds is key to success

Although times are tough for conservationists, the environment has been growing in political importance over the past few years, says Rebecca Woodward, associate director at WWT Consulting

Robert Beck

Insider insight: Collaboration works well if you choose your partner wisely

Brexit could see future positive opportunities for EIA professionals to help the UK government reform laws regarding land management, farming, fisheries and waste management, says Robert Beck, senior environmental consultant at RSK

Natalie Pullin

Hear from DEFRA’s natural capital pioneer projects

Practical advice on how to create natural capital accounts and value natural assets is just some of the insight to be gleaned from pioneers of this emerging area at ENDS’ Natural Captial Conference in June

Carey Doyle

Insider insight: Putting people at the heart of environmental impact assessments

Researching the social needs of a development, and how they tie in to creating a sustainable environment, is one of the most fascinating aspects of project planning, says Carey Doyle, EIA planning associate at property consultancy Bidwells

Andrew Lake

Insider insight: A one-size fits all permitting solution does not exist

Andrew Lake, fire prevention lead from Wiser Environment speaks to ENDS about his switch from the Environment Agency to the private sector

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