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Clare Pillman is currently director for culture, tourism and sport at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport in Westminster. Photograph: NRW

Departing NRW chief criticises budget cuts

NRW has appointed a new chief executive who will have a tough assignment on her hands with the organisation facing a 29% cut in its overall budget by 2019-20

Professor David Wilson

New CIWM president warns against ‘softening’ of waste regulations FREE

CIWM’s new president wants regulatory continuity for the waste industry and a step change towards achieving a circular economy

Sir John Randall. Photo: Open Government Licence

PM appoints special environment advisor FREE

Sir John Randall, a former conservative MP with strong green credentials, has been tapped as special adviser on environment by Prime Minister Theresa May

Osowska will take the reins at Scottish Natural Heritage at a challenging time for the natural environment during Brexit. Picture courtesy of SNH

Osowska to head Scottish Natural Heritage

Francesca Osowska OBE, a highly experienced civil servant in both the UK and Scottish governments, is to take the reins at Scottish Natural Heritage

Lord Stern is chair of the LSE’s Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment. (photograph: LSE /Nigel Stead)

Stern and Juniper head up Queen’s Birthday Honours

A number of environmental figures have been celebrated in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours list – from household names to lifelong civil servants

The group aims to drive water efficiency and customer engagement. Photograph: olegdudko/123RF

Industry body set up to drive water efficiency

Waterwise is launching a leadership group to encourage the industry to use more ambitious water efficiency programmes and develop a more customer-led culture

Soubry to join Green Steel Council

The former business minister, a strong advocate for UK steel, will help to seek out ways of implementing low carbon solutions in the hard-pressed sector

Simon Lyster, non-executive director, Northumbrian Water Group,is among four non-executive directors reappointed to the board of Natural England. Pic: Natural England

Natural England and HSE confirm appointments

Four key members of the board of Natural England have been reappointed and a vital new HSE role covering chemical safety issues during Brexit has been filled

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