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Marcus Gover. Photograph: WRAP

WRAP to lose staff due to funding cuts

WRAP says it has not been able to generate enough funding from alternative avenues since government budget cuts took effect in 2015

Female Environment Agency officers talking to school teacher. Photograph: Environment Agency

EA gender pay gap ‘lower than UK average’ FREE

The Environment Agency’s gender pay gap is much lower than the overall UK gender pay gap, transparency data reveals

Alexandra Brand. Photograph: Syngenta

Chief sustainability officer appointed at Syngenta FREE

Agriculture firm Syngenta has appointed a new chief sustainability officer

Chris Fry. Photograph: Julian Dodd/Haymarket Media Group

Ramboll makes four senior appointments FREE

Ramboll has made made a number of appointments to its senior staff


How to market yourself through your environmental CV FREE

Laura Sullivan at TopCV, the largest CV-writing service in the world, offers advice on how to market yourself effectively through your CV

Caroline Mason

Four new members appointed to EA board FREE

Four people have been appointed to the regulator’s nine-member board, including a former Conservative councillor and the chair of the Natural Capital Coalition

David Gray. Photograph: Ofgem

Ofgem chair to step down FREE

David Gray is set to retire following five years as chairman

People using Renewable Energy Space Analytics Tool on laptops. Photograph: Institute for Environmental Analytics

New space tool to help energy planners FREE

The Institute for Environmental Analytics has developed a new tool to help developers better understand potential assets of renewable generation

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