Recruiter advice

Eloise (Ellie) Knights who recently finished her “Year in Industry” with Carbon Architecture

Why use a student intern? FREE

Gennie Dearman, chief operation officer for EDT (Engineering Development Trust) on why organisations should hire student interns.

On a mission: Going beyond the standard job listing FREE

Jonathan Whitehead on his unusual career journey to the ENDSjobsearch team and his advice for recruiters 

Is there a skills gap in the environmental engineering industry? FREE

Stuart Cooper, director at CooperOstlund – a gas engine specification firm – discusses the industry’s skills gap

7 top tips to help you become a greener SME FREE

Working towards becoming a more environmentally friendly SME can be a hard and time consuming task. You’ve got to think about your objectives, goals, costs and implementation methods - this is without the list of considerations ISO standards bring. To make it simpler, Kate Whitehouse from ImServ, has come up with seven simple tips to help you on your way to becoming greener.

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