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Urban wetlands and subterranean ‘super bins’: four pioneering projects in the spotlight

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Green Cities Index 2023: From subterranean bins to wetlands creation projects, some innovative environmental work is being carried out in urban areas up and down the UK. Adam Branson asks environmental leaders from four city councils to share their experiences of a recent project


How a Cornish project may provide a solution to disruption fears as the UK phases out gas boilers

A pioneering project that is extracting warmth by boring 200m under the street and installing an under-road network of pipes to transport the heat to nearby properties may help to solve the mighty problem of heating our old terraced homes as the UK transitions to net zero. Roger Harrabin reports

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How a developer created its first ‘biodiversity bank’ ahead of net gain requirements

With new biodiversity net gain requirements coming into effect later this year, one developer in the North West is seeking to get ahead of the curve with the creation of a ‘biodiversity bank’ on a former landfill, now agricultural site, to help it deliver offsite environmental gains for its projects