Our Channels

Welcome to the new look ENDS Report.com

The environment profession is evolving fast. The ENDS Report is evolving as well to continue delivering the cutting edge intelligence on environmental policy, legislation and management that today's environmental professionals need.

That's why we are re-launching the brand with 6 new channels offering tailored news and features for different major groups within the broad environmental profession.

Each channel comes with its own weekly email bulletin and its own special section on endsreport.com, delivering targeted, need-to-know news and information. At the same time, subscribers can continue to access the full range of ENDS report content, so the complete picture remains very much available.

What kind of Environment Professional are you?

See how the ENDS Report's new channels can serve your professional needs better by exploring the channel descriptions below:


The environmental regulation channel, with a focus on industrial law, includes air water, waste, energy and transport along with all the key environmental regimes: IPPC, environmental permitting and local air pollution control. Primarily serving compliance managers, regulators and lawyers, but also environmental and sustainability managers in regulated businesses.


The corporate responsibility channel, in particular sustainability management focusing on the reduction of environmental impacts and improving resource efficiency. Primarily serving sustainability and CR managers in business, along with those in customer facing sectors.

Energy & Carbon

The low carbon and energy efficiency channel with a focus on saving both energy and money. Reviews policy and legislation targeting carbon savings in business, industry, transport and buildings along with energy infrastructure. Primarily serving energy and carbon managers and those who sell services to them.


The environmental science and technology channel examines news and policy relating to the science and management of ecology, contaminated land, pollution monitoring, chemicals, EIA and water including catchment management. Primarily serving scientific and technical professionals working in the actual environment


The environmental business and green economy channel, with a focus on policy, industry and financial news, serving the environmental service and green energy industries. Primarily serving commercial managers in environmental service and renewable energy industries, including environmental consultancies.


The general environmental news channel, serving all environmental professionals, and covering all general political and social trends.

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