Climate refugees

Get the lowdown on what's at risk on the coast as climate change drives up sea levels and intensifies storms 
Coastal management

WATCH: Britain's first climate refugees

WATCH: Britain's first climate refugees

VIDEO: Climate change is making life on Britain's coastline ever more perilous. Click through to find out what's at risk as threats from coastal flooding and erosion increase


Rising seas and wild weather: can the UK hold back the tide?

Rising sea levels will intensify storm damage along UK coastlines. Photograph: Roger Coulam/Getty Images

With sea level rise accelerating and storms intensifying, coastal communities and critical assets such as roads, rail lines and power stations are on the frontline of climate change. ENDS looks at what’s at risk on our shifting shores

Climate change

Honest conversation needed as seas rise

Jamie Carpenter, editor, ENDS Report

Climate change is expected to put coastal towns and infrastructure at growing risk over the coming decades. As sea levels rise, the reality is that it will not be possible to prevent the loss of some areas to the sea