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Environmental Law

Coronavirus live blog: The impact on green policymaking and implementation

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Updated daily: With the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the development and implementation of environmental legislation already being felt, click through to keep up to date with all the latest developments... Read more


Covid-19 guidance tracker: live table

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Updated daily: Use our sortable and regularly updated table of business-critical environment-related Covid-19 operational updates, regulatory position statements and guidance documents to navigate the coronavirus crisis


London lockdown: Are pollution levels rebounding in the capital as Covid controls are eased?

(Photo by GLYN KIRK/AFP via Getty Images)

Click through to view the latest data on how the Covid-19 crackdown has affected nitrogen dioxide levels at London's most polluted sites, and how the easing of coronavirus lockdown measures is impacting air quality


UK air quality in 2021: 10 things you need to know

DEFRA’s new air quality figures show that although the UK’s air became dirtier last year as post-lockdown economic activity and road transport picked up, some records for clean air were also broken


SEPA blames slump in recycling rates on Covid-19

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency has blamed a 2.9 percentage point reduction in household recycling rates in 2020 on the coronavirus pandemic


Green groups call for COP26 postponement over fears of covid exclusions

A coalition of more than 1,500 green groups have called on the UK government to postpone November’s COP26 because the global Covid-19 pandemic could mean the exclusion of attendees from red-list countries


‘Unworkable’: Waste sector blasts exemption from self-isolation rules

The waste industry has slammed red tape around rules allowing workers to avoid self-isolation after being identified as having been potentially exposed to the coronavirus


Recycling sent for incineration due to national driver shortage

A council in Kent has told its residents that recycling left out for collection will be incinerated alongside general waste due to a national shortage of refuse lorry drivers

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Coronavirus: the pandemic's impact on air pollution levels in charts

Covid-19 lockdowns have seen air pollution levels plummet across areas that have put restrictions in place, including China, northern Italy and European cities, data shows. Early evidence suggests that pollution levels are beginning to drop in London too


Could rivers be carrying coronavirus from sewage works?

Photograph: Mihail Miheev/EyeEm/Getty Images

Scientists have found that coronaviruses can survive in sewage and remain infectious but little is known about how long Covid-19 can last and whether it might pose a risk to people and wildlife from rivers and seas. Rachel Salvidge investigates

Environmental Politics

A fleeting glimpse of a greener world?

Recent days have shown a glimpse of a cleaner, low-carbon future - Jamie Carpenter, ENDS Report editor

For many, one source of hope during the coronavirus crisis has been news of the positive impact that control efforts have had on the environment. But the virus could make that future less likely to come about

Environmental Law

*UPDATED*: Environmental regulators' coronavirus response: What you need to know

Environment Agency officers will now be respecting social distancing rules. Photograph: Oli Scarff/Getty Images

The Environment Agency has reduced its regulatory site visits, SEPA has suspended its compliance assessment scheme and Natural England is no longer undertaking fieldwork. Here’s what you need to know about how the UK’s environmental regulators are handling their duties during the outbreak


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