‘Landmark moment’: Kwarteng confirms 2035 deadline for decarbonised power

One of the UK's largest solar farms is operated by the Army. Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Fossil fuels will be eliminated from the UK’s electricity mix by 2035, business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng announced yesterday, to reduce exposure to volatile wholesale energy prices and accelerate efforts to reach net zero... Read more


Climate change

Is the road to net zero paved with good intentions?

Photograph: Dave G Kelly/Getty Images

Is the UK government’s long-awaited Net Zero Strategy a ‘credible mechanism to drive delivery’ or is it full of ‘major holes and optimistic assumptions’? David Burrows investigates

Environmental Politics

G7 summit: 9 things you need to know

Environmental protest groups gathered in Cornwall as the UK hosted the G7. Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

Green groups have welcomed many of the environmental initiatives announced as part of the G7 summit over the weekend, but with many commitments short on detail they have called for the pledges to be followed up by solid policies. Here’s what you need to know

Packaging waste

Does a major recycling drive by big retailers stand up to scrutiny?

Photograph: Tesco announced in March it was launching the UK’s biggest network of recycling points for soft plastic. Photograph: Tesco

An initiative to increase the amount of plastic packaging being recycled is generating momentum across the UK, but complaints are surfacing about the fate of the material once it arrives in Poland and questions over duty of care have been raised. Conor McGlone investigates

Climate change

What does Shell’s Dutch court ruling mean for big polluters?

Photograph: NurPhoto/Getty Images

If other jurisdictions replicate a Dutch Court’s reasoning in finding that Shell must cut its emissions deeper and faster than planned, more big polluters could find themselves in court. Just how far will the ramifications be felt? Danny Halpin reports

Environmental Law

Interview: What Erin Brockovich thinks about cover-ups, gaslighting and 'ass-backwards regulation'

It’s been more than two decades since Erin Brockovich proved PG&E was poisoning a Californian town and she’s been holding polluters across the world to account ever since


Hidden in the shadows: Modern slavery in the waste sector

The harrowing ordeal of two modern slavery victims exposes a major problem in the UK’s waste and resources sector.

The victims of what is reported to be the largest modern slavery ring ever to be uncovered in the UK talk to ENDS about how they ended up working in a recycling plant, and how they eventually escaped their captors

Planning & land use

The debrief: How a sustainable urban drainage scheme is delivering wider benefits

Although the main driver for the project was water, it had to deliver “multi-benefits”, including “safer walking and safer cycling.

The need to retrofit urban areas to cope with a changing climate, and mitigate its existing impacts, is one of the great engineering challenges of our times. A project in Cardiff seeks to deliver these objectives through green infrastructure

Data & insight

Water pollution

MAPPED: The popular bathing spot on the frontline of England's sewage problem

Ilkley bathing spot

Data shows a stretch of river in West Yorkshire is the most polluted bathing area in the country, regularly awash with very high levels of harmful bacteria

Global negotiations

The ENDS Briefing: COP26

Thumbnail of SEC

With just days to go to the crunch climate talks in Glasgow, read our guide to the key items on the agenda and what to expect if you are going

Land, Ecology & Development

The ENDS Briefing: biodiversity net gain

Thumbnail image

The Environment Bill’s flagship biodiversity net gain measure is intended to deliver more development - and more nature. Here’s everything you need to know about the duties the bill will place on developers and decision-makers, the market the mechanism will create and practical lessons from where net gain has already been implemented


MAPPED: The areas around a notorious landfill that have recorded the highest hydrogen sulphide levels

Click through to view an interactive map with details of hydrogen sulphide readings at monitoring stations installed around the Walleys Quarry landfill in Staffordshire



Interview: NFU president Minette Batters on why we’re all complicit in farm pollution

Minette Batters, NFU president

The president of the UK farming association speaks to ENDS about why farmers should not face prosecution for water pollution, environmental farming reforms and how much influence the farm lobby group really has on DEFRA policy


Interview: The chair of Scotland’s new green watchdog talks about plans for investigations and maintaining independence

Jim Martin, chair of Environmental Standards Scotland

Jim Martin, chair of Environmental Standards Scotland, talks to ENDS about the nascent organisation’s early priorities, its first investigation and why independence from the Scottish government is crucial for the body’s credibility


Interview: Delivering a huge road-building programme in the face of the climate crisis

Stephen Elderkin

National Highways is a major owner of land in England and is currently carrying out one of the country’s largest infrastructure projects. How does a huge road building project make peace with the drive to go greener? Its new director of environmental sustainability, Stephen Elderkin, spoke to ENDS

Case studies

Land, Ecology & Development

The debrief: How the Greater Manchester Authority mapped the natural habitat on its doorstep

Shot of one of Greater Manchester's 'opportunity maps' for nature recovery. Image: GMCA

A government-funded pilot project in Greater Manchester has seen the creation of a new suite of maps and nature recovery priorities ahead of the roll-out of a legal requirement for all councils to have local nature recovery strategies

Water pollution

The debrief: How a restoration project removed 150 tonnes of plastic from a Lake District river

HDPE plastic used to line the river Keekle to protect it from toxic mine water was causing environmental problems of its own, leading one conservation team to embark on a challenging restoration project

Land, Ecology & Development

The debrief: How a coastal flood defence project successfully piloted a new global standard for nature-based solutions

A project that realigned 11 kilometres of the West Sussex coast, allowing low-lying land to be reclaimed by the sea and creating new wetland habitats, has become a ‘flagship’ nature-based solutions scheme and the first of its kind to successfully pilot a new global standard

Legal comment

Environmental Law

Legal comment: Why courts are reluctant to challenge regulator decisions

Chala McKenna is a lawyer at Davidson Chalmers Stewart specialising in environmental law.

The rejection of a judicial review claim by a salmon farming company against the Scottish environmental regulator underlies the reluctance of the courts to interfere with decisions made by public authorities, writes Chala McKenna

Environmental Law

Why a judge’s dissent on funding for a foreign gas project could further push the boundaries of climate law

Two judges were left split on how far a government agency should have delved into climate impacts when deciding to grant support for a large liquefied natural gas project in Mozambique, an outcome which may have wider consequences

Environmental Law

Why a ruling upholding approval for an oil well extension fails to rule out future scope for carbon emissions in EIAs

A recent case left the Court of Appeal split on whether emissions from the downstream use of fossil fuels should be the subject of environmental impact assessment, indicating that future decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis

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