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Data: permit appeals

How did the handful of businesses that have overturned Environment Agency permitting decisions manage to succeed at appeal?


Carbon emissions

The UK has done much to reduce its carbon emissions since 1990 but transport remains stuck in the slow lane


Recyling strategy

How Stroud District Council almost doubled its recycling rate in two years


Environmental Law

Infographic: Focus on serious pollution incidents

Infographic: Focus on serious pollution incidents

There were 533 serious pollution incidents in England in 2018, up 27% on the previous year, with illegal waste activities, waste management activities and farming among the main culprits

Land, Ecology & Development

Why cities are failing to harness digital technology to make green gains

£104bn is expected to be invested annually in smart city technologies by 2021, according to the International Data Corporation. But some fear the potential environmental gains are not being given enough weight in digital strategies

Climate change

Infographic: The relentless rise of carbon emissions

Atmospheric CO2 levels continue to reach new highs with no sign of a slowdown, the latest figures show



The Environment Agency's waste crime performance in 4 charts

The Environment Agency's waste crime performance in 4 charts

Environment Agency data released today reveals that the agency has made little progress on closing down illegal sites and inspecting waste exports


Data check: The carbon impacts of household waste in Scotland

Recent figures from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency reveal that the carbon impact of household waste is falling while incineration levels continue to rise


Map: The UK areas with illegally high air pollution

Latest air pollution data shows that more than 80% of UK reporting zones have illegal levels of pollution. Click through to view an interactive map showing by how much each zone is breaching EU legal limits

Case studies


The debrief: How a new pipeline helped a water company avoid a costly Ofwat fine

The debrief: How a new pipeline helped a water company avoid a costly Ofwat fine

A pipeline designed to increase the resilience of Bristol Water’s supply had to overcome a series of challenges, from protected species to school buses

Land, Ecology & Development

The Debrief: How a Scottish project established the case for the return of beavers

The Knapdale trial, which kicked off UK beaver reintroduction after centuries of absence, has shown the biodiversity benefits of these “ecosystem engineers” but also the need for local engagement and a strong management plan, finds Jocelyn Timperley


Case study: How one waste company got its top rating back

In 2015, Ellie Colson, director of transport and compliance at Colson Transport, ran into a spot of bother with the Environment Agency (EA). At the time, fires at two wood recycling plants had caused a national disposal issue and the only options open to the skip hire company were to landfill wood or stockpile it until the matter was resolved

Agriculture & forestry

The debrief: How farmers in England could deliver green gains after Brexit

A first-of-its-kind farming scheme in the UK could offer a new model for farming subsidy payments for improving nature after leaving the EU

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