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Data: permit appeals

How did the handful of businesses that have overturned Environment Agency permitting decisions manage to succeed at appeal?


Carbon emissions

The UK has done much to reduce its carbon emissions since 1990 but transport remains stuck in the slow lane


Recyling strategy

How Stroud District Council almost doubled its recycling rate in two years


Water quality

MAPPED: England's healthiest – and most polluted – rivers

MAPPED: England's healthiest – and most polluted – rivers

The proportion of England’s rivers in good ecological health has plateaued at 14%, according to official classifications published last week, while the status of more than 100 has been rated as ‘bad’. Use ENDS’ map to view the locations of these water bodies

Water pollution

Pollution tracker: 13 of the worst pollution incidents reported in August

Updated monthly: ENDS’ new pollution tracker logs some of the worst pollution incidents taking place across the UK each month. The latest update includes news of diesel pouring into EU-protected sites following a rail accident, and a mysterious agent that killed 10,000 fish


Tracking Britain's coal phase-out: latest coal-free run ends at 55 days

Britain's latest coal-free run ended yesterday after 55 days when a coal-plant was brought back onto the system due to low wind output and gas plants struggling with the heat


Biodiversity / conservation

Focus on: Britain’s Big Butterfly Count

Focus on: Britain’s Big Butterfly Count

This year’s Big Butterfly Count recorded the lowest number of butterflies in the event’s 11-year history, according to its organiser Butterfly Conservation

Planning & land use

Data check: Environmental statements

Housebuilding has slumped and the number of environmental statements received by England’s local planning authorities has plunged by 46% this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, government data shows


MAPPED: The UK areas that breached air pollution limits in 2019

New official figures show that three-quarters of the UK’s air quality reporting zones charted illegal levels of air pollution in 2019, according to an analysis by activist lawyers ClientEarth

Case studies

Land, Ecology & Development

The debrief: How a project is helping restore two chalk streams to favourable SSSI status

The debrief: How a project is helping restore two chalk streams to favourable SSSI status

The poor condition of England’s waterways and the important habitats they provide has been making headlines recently, but a project in Hampshire shows how they can be successfully restored to meet environmental targets

Biodiversity / conservation

How new green spaces are easing pressure on sensitive heathlands

The provision of a series of new green spaces has delivered a statistically significant drop in visitors to a special protection area over a period when housing numbers have grown by 13%

Land, Ecology & Development

The debrief: How a tree mapping project is making the case for greening Manchester

A major exercise to collect information on more than 2,000 trees has armed Greater Manchester councils with the hard data needed to win green funding

Green buildings

The debrief: How a London council is using public transport to heat homes

An expanded district heat scheme deriving warmth from an unlikely source is helping more than a thousand homes cut their energy bills in north London

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