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  • 310 UK aircraft operators could each save around £4,560 a year. Photograph: Shutterbas/123RF

    Small airlines’ EU ETS exemption to continue

    BEIS proposes maintaining small-scale aviation operators’ exemption from the aviation EU ETS as it implements EU amendments to the scheme

  • Some coal-fired power stations will be eligible for continued support under a reformed EU ETS. Photograph: Kodda/123RF

    Coal remains eligible for EU ETS support

    Some coal-fired power stations will be eligible for continued support under a reformed EU ETS, environmentalists have slammed the compromise

  • Oxford economist Dieter Helm has called for UK energy overhaul. Photograph: Alphaspirit/123RF

    Carbon and energy needs major revolution

    Use universal carbon tax, regulatory reform and end low-carbon auctions to overhaul the energy system, says Helm review  

  • Fracking approvals in England are progressing slowly. Photograph: Jonathan Mullen/123RF

    Environment Agency approves fracking plan

    The Environment Agency has approved Third Energy’s hydraulic fracture plan for a controversial North Yorkshire well site

  • BEIS wants to phase out unabated coal as part of its push towards a low-carbon economy. Photograph: Mark Richardson/123RF

    CGS: BEIS tinkers with energy and climate policy levers

    BEIS has published a raft of consultations, proposals, reviews and a draft bill alongside the overarching Clean Growth Strategy

  • Climate change minister Claire Perry launched the strategy while BEIS secretary Greg Clark looks on. Photograph: Tom Reeve/ENDS

    CGS: Plan for greener growth launched

    The long-awaited Clean Growth Strategy has been unveiled by the government, to mixed reviews from green campaigners

  • Windmills and sunshine: what else would you need? Photograph: Wajan/123RF

    What will be in the clean growth plan?

    With the clean growth plan expected on 12 October, why has it taken so long to publish a plan that is seen a essential to the UK meeting its carbon obligations and what initiatives can we expect?

  • The UK dominates the G20 in carbon intensity reduction, much of this due to closure of coal-fired plant (Photo: debstheleo/123RF)

    UK leads G20 on carbon reduction

    A 7.7% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in 2016 and average annual reduction of almost 4% since 2000 has put the UK in the lead among the G20 nations, but deeper reductions will also need action outside energy

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