The Environment Bill 

Everything you need to know about the Environment Bill, which sets out how the government intends to maintain environmental standards as the UK leaves the EU

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Brexit Hub Environmental Law

43 things you need to know about the Environment Bill

43 things you need to know about the Environment Bill

The Environment Bill has returned to parliament with new powers on plastic waste and a requirement for ministers to review and report on international green law. Here's what you need to know about what's new and what has been retained... Read more

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Brexit Hub Environmental Law

DEFRA rules changes: 6 fears raised by coalition

DEFRA’s Brexit-related statutory instruments have created ‘significant governance gaps in the application, interpretation and enforcement of environmental law’, a new analysis has found. Here’s what you need to know

Planning & land use

Exempting major infrastructure from biodiversity net gain 'risks undermining government’s green agenda’

Three major planned infrastructure projects will result in net loss of more than 500 hectares of natural habitat, demonstrating that such schemes should not be exempt from biodiversity net gain rules, according to an analysis from the charity the Wildlife and Countryside Link

Brexit Hub Policy

‘Chocolate fireguard’: DEFRA’s draft environmental principles statement criticised

DEFRA’s plan to place a duty on ministers to have 'due regard' to a new statement on environmental principles when making policy has been met with concern over its lack of strength and the number of 'unnecessary loopholes' built into it

Brexit Hub Regulation

DEFRA promises summer launch for shadow green watchdog

A temporary green watchdog to assess government progress against environmental goals will be established in July and will set out the permanent Office for Environmental Protection’s strategy and enforcement policy, the government has announced



Why environmental principles risk becoming a ‘tick box exercise’

Why environmental principles risk becoming a ‘tick box exercise’

Loopholes and caveats in DEFRA’s long-awaited policy statement on environmental principles will undermine government rhetoric, critics believe. Catherine Early reports

Environmental Politics

Why DEFRA 'lacks the clout’ to deliver its environment plan

Two recent Public Accounts Committee inquiries have questioned DEFRA’s ability to lead other departments, and even its own agencies, to achieve its aims for the environment. Catherine Early reports


‘Deficient and damning’: What does the EU air pollution ruling mean for the UK?

A ruling by the Court of Justice of the EU that the UK had broken air pollution law for a decade has been embarrassing for the government, but will it have any impact on the nation’s air quality? Isabella Kaminski reports

Editor's Pick

Parliament Brexit Hub

'Too much wriggle room', 'Absurd caveat' – MPs and peers set out their Environment Bill green lines

'Too much wriggle room', 'Absurd caveat' – MPs and peers set out their Environment Bill green lines

As pre-legislative scrutiny of the draft Environment Bill gets under way, some MPs and peers have already set their own ‘green lines’. Where will the flashpoints arise?

Environmental Law

38 things you need to know about the Environment Bill

38 things you need to know about the Environment Bill

The landmark Environment Bill would make significant changes to laws relating to air quality, water resources, waste management, nature improvement and chemicals, and sets out how a new green watchdog would enforce environmental rules. Here’s what you need to know.

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