ENDS Report Issue 539, February 2020

Climate change

Honest conversation needed as seas rise

Honest conversation needed as seas rise

Climate change is expected to put coastal towns and infrastructure at growing risk over the coming decades. As sea levels rise, the reality is that it will not be possible to prevent the loss of some areas to the sea


Rising seas and wild weather: can the UK hold back the tide?

Rising seas and wild weather: can the UK hold back the tide?

With sea level rise accelerating and storms intensifying, coastal communities and critical assets such as roads, rail lines and power stations are on the frontline of climate change. ENDS looks at what’s at risk on our shifting shores

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Interview: Michael Topham on why Biffa is an 'unfortunate poster boy'

Waste giant Biffa is appealing a conviction for illegally exporting waste to China. Its chief executive Michael Topham says the ruling, which cost the firm £600,000, could have implications for the entire waste industry


Avonmouth’s mysterious fly problem

When Bristol City Council decided to make Avonmouth a waste management hub, little did it foresee what else it may attract. Reports of flies plaguing residents have grown since 2012, but so far no one can explain where they are coming from. James Fair investigates.

Land, Ecology & Development

Why cities are failing to harness digital technology to make green gains

£104bn is expected to be invested annually in smart city technologies by 2021, according to the International Data Corporation. But some fear the potential environmental gains are not being given enough weight in digital strategies

Environmental Law

Infographic: Focus on serious pollution incidents

There were 533 serious pollution incidents in England in 2018, up 27% on the previous year, with illegal waste activities, waste management activities and farming among the main culprits

Environmental Law

Landfill tax: when is waste just a lot of fluff?

The first environmental law case decision of the new decade concerns a question that has been troubling the environmental sector for past five decades: when is something a waste?


Policy briefing: Get ready for more stringent EU waste incineration rules

Newly adopted BAT conclusions for waste incineration, published in December, provide a new reference for setting permit conditions for energy-from-waste plants


The debrief: How a new pipeline helped a water company avoid a costly Ofwat fine

A pipeline designed to increase the resilience of Bristol Water’s supply had to overcome a series of challenges, from protected species to school buses

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