ENDS Report Issue 546, September 2020

Water pollution

Why the rivers row highlights scale of DEFRA's targets test

Why the rivers row highlights scale of DEFRA's targets test

Jamie Carpenter: The furore over the Water Framework Directive's ‘one out, all out rule‘ underlines the scale of the challenge facing DEFRA as it seeks to arrive at a set of legally binding targets to underpin the Environment Bill

Planning & land use

‘Newt-counting delays’: The rules government will change as it ‘builds back greener’

‘Newt-counting delays’: The rules government will change as it ‘builds back greener’

The government has pinned its hopes on a building boom to drag the UK out of its coronavirus-induced slump. But what will be left behind in the rush to reform key environmental regulations and a planning system that the prime minister sees as a ‘massive drag’ on the country’s prosperity?

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The landfills that flout the rules

Landfills in England breached their permits more than 2,000 times in 2018, the second highest total for a regulated sector. So what do the latest figures tell us about the main reasons for non-compliance and how can operators avoid them?

Natural capital

Nature by numbers: How consultants and councils are gearing up for net gain

The government’s flagship biodiversity net gain policy is taking shape, with MPs due to resume their scrutiny of the legislation that will bring the measure into effect in September. How prepared are environmental consultancies and councils for net gain’s arrival?

Renewable energy

Infographic: Focus on a record breaking year for UK solar power

UK solar records have tumbled in 2020, with the nation’s largest solar park awarded planning consent and a new record set for peak generation

Environmental Law

The climate ruling that could limit UK’s wriggle room

Nina Pindham: A recent case in the Irish Supreme Court could have implications for how the UK government may be held to account for meeting its carbon budgets

Environmental Politics

Fact checker: Do international treaties provide the same protections as the EU’s nature directives?

Environment secretary George Eustice has claimed that EU law had failed to deliver for nature and that existing treaties already provide protection but to what extent and just how enforceable are they?

Transport emissions

Datacheck: Where are England's most polluted roads?

In England, 1,360 streets were in breach of the legal nitrogen dioxide limit in 2018, according to an analysis. These are the most polluted locations


Policy briefing: How flood risk policy could provide lasting community benefits

The new flood and coastal erosion risk management policy statement for England makes a welcome call for nature-based solutions, but industry also needs the tools to deliver them

Land, Ecology & Development

The debrief: How a tree mapping project is making the case for greening Manchester

A major exercise to collect information on more than 2,000 trees has armed Greater Manchester councils with the hard data needed to win green funding

Biodiversity / conservation

5 things you need to know about treeplanting in England

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