ENDS Report Issue 514, January 2018

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Highlights in this issue

  • Jamie Carpenter

    The cost of compliance


    From April, many industries and businesses will face increased charges from the Environment Agency (EA), under proposals out for consultation.

  • Newhaven incinerator

    How Environment Agency charges are set to change


    The Environment Agency has extended a consultation on its wide-ranging charging proposals, but fears remain that firms will not have enough time to prepare for the proposed introduction of the revised fees in April 2018. Jamie Carpenter and Gareth Simkins investigate

  • Hyde Park

    Seven things you need to know about natural capital


    Around 700 people from 60 countries descended on Edinburgh for the biennial World Forum on Natural Capital in November. Rachel Salvidge sets out what you need to know about a concept that is gaining traction

  • Derek Osborn

    UK should keep working with the EU on the environment


    Membership of the European Environment Agency does not have to end with Brexit, and continuing to collaborate on climate change and other cross-border issues makes sense, writes Derek Osborn

  • Andy Street, mayor of Greater Manchester, and Steve Rotherham, mayor of the Liverpool City Region at Centre for Cities conference in September. Photograph: Alamy

    Local heroes


    With directly elected mayors taking the hotseats in six combined authorities and more powers being devolved to local authorities, can they have an impact on environmental sustainability? Tom Reeve reports

  • Caroline Haywood

    A chance to end large-scale burning of wood for energy


    The UK government is rethinking the incentives that encourage large-scale wood-burning for energy. It’s time it diverted public money to cheaper and cleaner options, says Caroline Haywood

  • Richard Macrory

    Pesticide firm and HSE in conflict over data access


    A recent ruling on testing pesticide products in the field set an important precedent for studies involving animals that are subject to data-sharing provisions under EU regulations, writes Richard Macrory

  • Dominic Hogg

    Deposit return schemes: what’s taking so long?


    Despite the evidence for the success of deposit refund schemes in cutting packaging litter, there is a baffling level of resistance to the idea from myriad – and often unexpected – parties, says Dominic Hogg

  • Arrows. Photograph: Pedrosek/Shutterstock

    Beyond the CRC


    As 2019 marks the end of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, James Parsons investigates the implications of the new policies the government is seeking to implement to require firms to report on their emissions

  • HS2 supply chain roadshow: all top-tier contractors must achieve certification to PAS 2080 to work on the high-speed rail project

    Building a low-carbon future


    Three years on from a Treasury review of carbon emissions from infrastructure, and 18 months since the publication of a standard tailored for the sector, what is the industry doing about carbon? Catherine Early reports

  • BAM's energy manager, Sarah Jolliffe

    BAM Nuttall energy manager, Sarah Jolliffe, shares her insights FREE


    Sarah Jolliffe, Company Energy Manager at BAM Nuttall Ltd., shares her insights

  • Infographic icon

    Infographic: Natural environment still under pressure


    England’s natural environment is in decline, according to DEFRA’s latest figures

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