ENDS Report Issue 541, April 2020

Environmental Politics

A fleeting glimpse of a greener world?

A fleeting glimpse of a greener world?

For many, one source of hope during the coronavirus crisis has been news of the positive impact that control efforts have had on the environment. But the virus could make that future less likely to come about


Why the UK is facing a major plastic waste crisis

Why the UK is facing a major plastic waste crisis

Countries including Malaysia, China and Indonesia have turned their backs on the UK’s plastic waste. It must find new ways to dispose of its rubbish. Fast.

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Data check: Coronavirus and China's cleaner air

China has experienced a dramatic drop in air pollution levels since the outbreak of coronavirus, according to data collected from the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-5 satellite

Environmental Politics

Interview: Sam Hall on how his Conservative Environment Network can influence parliament

Former special adviser Sam Hall heads a network of Conservative backbenchers committed to environmental action, which could wield significant influence over the development of green laws in this parliament. But can he find consensus?

Carbon & energy efficiency

Are the planned new home standards fit for purpose?

New homes built to the proposed Future Homes Standard should reduce carbon emissions by 75-80% compared with those built to current requirements. So why do some built environment professionals think the proposals are a step in the wrong direction?


Feeling the heat: How the waste sector is managing fire risk

Firefighters are called out to tackle fires at around 300 waste sites each year. The introduction of fire prevention plans, intended to manage fire risk, has proved costly for operators, some of whom are seeking innovative solutions in order to be granted permission to depart from evolving Environment Agency guidance


The debrief: How a waste company is closing the loop for plastic bottles

Biffa combined its in-house knowledge with expertise from across Europe to build the UK’s first recycling plant turning PET back into food-grade PET

Environmental Law

Heathrow ruling raises climate bar for infrastructure projects

The Court of Appeal’s recent, unanimous, ruling that the government’s decision to expand Heathrow airport was unlawful has wide implications for all decision-makers across both the public and private sectors


Fact checker: The UK’s coal-free fortnight

The UK’s coal-fired power stations did not operate for 18 days last June but does that mean the country avoided relying on the fossil fuel completely?


Infographic: Focus on flooding

Nearly one in 10 homes were built in high flood risk areas in 2017/18, according to official data from the the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government

Products & Chemicals

5 things you need to know about PFAS

There are almost 5,000 forms of per- and polyfluroalkyl substances (PFAS), according to the OECD. What are they and where are they found?

Land, Ecology & Development

The briefing: Prepare for the new Environmental Land Management Scheme

A much anticipated discussion paper launched in February sets out DEFRA’s thinking on how it plans to replace the EU Common Agricultural Policy system of subsidies to farmers

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