ENDS Report Issue 535, October 2019

Environmental Politics

Tough tests lie ahead for DEFRA’s new faces

Tough tests lie ahead for DEFRA’s new faces

Pow and Goldsmith bring with them the hope that the momentum brought to DEFRA by Gove will not be lost. But will they have a chance to make their mark?

Land, Ecology & Development

Why rewilding is on a roll

Why rewilding is on a roll

Post-Brexit changes to the way farming is subsidised are likely to see the concept of rewilding growing in popularity, but will farmers embrace the notion that their role in 21st century Britain isn’t solely to produce food?

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'River of death': the efforts to clean up one of the UK's most polluted waterways

Why pollution in east London's river Lea is a huge and enduring problem, and what's being done to clean it up


Infographic: A kaleidoscope of river pollution incidents

How ink spills, deposits from disused mines and non-toxic tracer dyes have caused the UK's rivers to turn unnatural shades

Environmental Politics

DEFRA reshuffle: What does the new look ministry mean for environmental policy?

With two new ministers and a new secretary of state, DEFRA’s new ministerial team has a very different look compared to the one run by Michael Gove before the summer. Rachel Salvidge examines what the new recruits might mean for the future of environmental policy

Environmental Politics

Interview: Climate adviser Chris Stark on Boris, Greta, and reaching net zero

The government has pledged to put a net zero UK emissions target in law following advice from the Committee on Climate Change. Chris Stark, chief executive of the advisory body, is optimistic that the goal can be achieved

Land, Ecology & Development

What the HS2 review means for the environmental consultancy market

Projected costs for the HS2 rail link have risen to £78bn in 2015 prices, compared with the previously budgeted £55.7bn. A government-commissioned review has placed a huge question mark over its future. What are the implications for consultants?

Land, Ecology & Development

The debrief: How a partnership is transforming a scarred moorland landscape

The soils in some areas of peatland in the South Pennines were more acidic than lemon juice. Years of work by a pioneering partnership to improve the condition of the moors is returning degraded blanket bog to an active state

Land, Ecology & Development

Fact checker: Do grouse moors facilitate criminal behaviour?

Grouse moors are “criminal, unsustainable and environmentally damaging”, according to an RSPB report. Is this really the case?

Land, Ecology & Development

5 things you need to know about… the UK’s biggest seagrass restoration project

The Seagrass Ocean Rescue project aims to restore a seagrass meadow's habitat and carbon-absorbing properties

Environmental Law

Why the Court of Appeal dismissed Thames Water's bid to reduce its £2m penalty

Ned Westaway: A judgment rejecting Thames Water's attempt to lower is pollution penalty makes clear when companies can expect big fines and under what circumstances they can gain full credit for a guilty plea


Briefing: What the BREF review process means for UK industry

Two large industries are about to undergo a review of their environmental compliance rules – how will it work and what does the future hold for IED installations in the UK?

Brexit Hub Brexit

Environmental divergence: What could change after Brexit?

There are growing signs that the UK government is seeking to diverge from EU green rules after Brexit, with particular pressure to water down nature protections. But how feasible would such changes be? Simon Pickstone investigates

Brexit Hub Land, Ecology & Development

Are freeports threatening to shrink the scope of environmental assessments?

A push for lighter touch regulation by a coalition of ports has resurrected old fears that environmental protections are under attack again. James Fair reports

Land, Ecology & Development

‘The mother of all false economies’: Why the spending review spells trouble for Natural England

The Treasury has handed DEFRA an extra £432m in its latest spending review but experts fear that very little will find its way to Natural England, which is bad news for domestic wildlife, developers and environmental consultants, finds Rachel Salvidge


End-of-waste review: Why waste recyclers could be in for significant cost increases

Firms who turn waste into new products could be in line for significant extra costs as a result of the Environment Agency’s review of end-of-waste criteria. Conor McGlone investigates

Land, Ecology & Development

How are councils addressing the south coast nitrates crisis?

Planning permission for new houses in South Hampshire has all but ground to a halt following Natural England advice on the damaging impact of extra nitrates on protected sites. But councils are now proposing solutions. Simon Pickstone investigates

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