ENDS Report Issue 537, December 2019

Land, Ecology & Development

Don’t forget the other extinction struggle

Don’t forget the other extinction struggle

While the climate emergency has become an all-embracing concern, pushed further up the agenda by Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion, the same might not be said be said of nature’s collapse

Biodiversity / conservation

The sixth extinction: The UK's most at-risk species and the fight to halt nature's decline

The sixth extinction: The UK's most at-risk species and the fight to halt nature's decline

SPECIAL REPORT: 15% of species are formally classified as at risk of extinction in Great Britain. ENDS hears from those on the frontline of efforts to reverse nature's decline

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How to stay top of the compliance class

Nearly 1,600 sites lost their ‘A’ compliance ratings between 2016 and 2018. Experts talk to ENDS about the consequences of a compliance rating downgrade and how businesses can avoid it

Environmental Politics

The year in review: 2019

It’s been a big year for green policy with Brexit preparations and climate concerns driving much of the change, although many flagship policies are still a work in progress. ENDS takes a look back over the most interesting developments of the year

Land, Ecology & Development

Infographic: Focus on invasive species

Invasive species are one of the top five threats to the natural environment, costing the economy £1.8bn a year. This month's infographic tracks the spread of some of the UK's most problematic non-native species

Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

Interview: What Caroline Lucas thinks about Brexit, the climate emergency and vegan sausage rolls

With the general election campaign in full swing Caroline Lucas talks to ENDS about whether climate change can cut through the UK’s Brexit obsession, the end of fracking and charting a course through the green culture war


Case study: How one waste company got its top rating back

In 2015, Ellie Colson, director of transport and compliance at Colson Transport, ran into a spot of bother with the Environment Agency (EA). At the time, fires at two wood recycling plants had caused a national disposal issue and the only options open to the skip hire company were to landfill wood or stockpile it until the matter was resolved

Environmental Law

7 legal decisions in 2019 that will have a lasting impact

Environmental law experts identify seven of 2019's most significant legal decisions and outline their implications for practitioners


Key changes in the consultancy market in 2019

In 2019 the UK environmental consultancy market saw a number of key acquisitions and people moves. Here's what you need to know

Data check: The environment and the general election

How have people's views on the importance of the environment changed over time and which green-minded MPs could face a struggle to retain their seat?

Land, Ecology & Development

Fact checker: Did the EU stop the UK planting trees?

Gove told Radio 4’s Today programme that the EU Common Agricultural Policy had “trapped” the UK, preventing the government from planting more trees. Was he correct?

Energy from waste

National law has final say on use of bioliquid

European directives do not prevent national law from excluding vegetable oils as a fuel source for power plants, the Court of Justice of the EU has ruled

The sixth extinction: 4 of the UK's most endangered species

Some 15% of the species in Britain are formally classified as threatened and therefore at risk of extinction. ENDS examines four of the UK’s most at-risk species

Agriculture & forestry

The debrief: How farmers in England could deliver green gains after Brexit

A first-of-its-kind farming scheme in the UK could offer a new model for farming subsidy payments for improving nature after leaving the EU


Policy briefing: New climate risk assessment guidance for bespoke permits

In order to gain an environmental permit, waste and farming installations must now assess their climate risks and plan how they can adapt and mitigate against them

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