ENDS Report Issue 531, June 2019

Environmental Politics

Boris's market mantra won't deliver net zero

Boris's market mantra won't deliver net zero

Should, as expected, Tory party members choose Boris Johnson over Jeremy Hunt as their new leader, his arrival at Number 10 will come at a critical juncture for the environment

Environmental Politics

Boris Johnson, eco-warrior

Boris Johnson, eco-warrior

He's queried climate science, denounced 'mumbo-jumbo' 'eco-moralists', but now champions green causes. Are you backing Boris Johnson?

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Climate change

Five challenges to going net zero

We've taken a closer look at the main obstacles the UK faces as it prepares to achieve net zero carbon by 2050


Focus on: Coal's fading power

The UK’s record-breaking streak without coal power came to an end at 9.20pm on Tuesday 4 June, after 18 days and six hours without electricity generated from coal


Environmental permitting: The pitfalls to avoid

What are the most common reasons for permit non-compliance and how can they be avoided? Adam Branson investigates

Environmental Politics

Interview: What the Met Office's chief scientist thinks about about heatwaves, sea level rise and staying optimistic about climate change

Professor Stephen Belcher explains how the Met Office is using cutting-edge science to understand how the UK will be affected by climate change

Agriculture & forestry

Data check: Tree planting target hits and misses

Most UK nations have missed their tree-planting targets but there is one stand-out performer

How to solve the 245kt/yr problem of ammonia emissions?

Agriculture emitted 244,900 tonnes of ammonia in 2017, up 10% since 2017, according to the official estimate. As DEFRA prepares to introduce tougher regulations to tackle the problem, experts say this will be far from straightforward


The debrief: The children’s hospital spearheading a pioneering clean air plan

Great Ormond Street Hospital is trying to improve air quality in and around its premises and educate the public coming through its doors at the same time

Environmental Politics

Fact checker: Will going net zero break the budget

Is the Treasury's claim that achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 will cost the public purse £1trn the full story?

Renewable energy

Wind farm falls foul of nuisance noise claim

Compliance with specific noise provisions in a planning permission does not prevent claims for statutory nuisance, according to a recent ruling


Policy briefing: Start preparing for new global rules on plastic waste exports

The Conference of Parties to the Basel Convention has agreed to a significant extension of the international control regime to include plastic waste and to set up a new partnership

Environmental Politics Brexit Hub

Will the Tory leadership race derail the government’s ‘green Brexit’ plans?

With the Conservative Party leadership contest expected to last until July, key parts of the government’s environmental agenda have been put on ice. Simon Pickstone asks what the delay could mean for green policy

Environmental Law

How the wrong environmental assessment led to a water firm ending up in court

A water firm had its permission to use an outfall pipe quashed after a court determined that it did not properly consider the potential environmental impacts of its discharge on a protected river. Adam Branson reports


Burning question: Why councils are sending low-grade plastics for incineration

With some councils suggesting they will stop collecting certain types of low-grade plastics for recycling, Conor McGlone investigates how the lack of a market for the PET found in pots, tubs and trays is leading to increasing EfW levels in the UK

Chemical risks and hazards

Why two thirds of REACH registrations could be breaking the rules

The failure of chemical producers and importers to provide vital chemical safety data is undermining REACH’s ‘no data, no market’ principle, finds Gareth Simkins

Land, Ecology & Development

Does the scrapping of the M4 relief road on green grounds spell trouble for future projects?

The Welsh government has junked a planned motorway against the planning inspector’s advice because of its impacts on wildlife. James Fair asks whether the decision will have repercussions for similar schemes in the UK

Environmental Law

Does the badger cull spell trouble for ground-nesting birds?

Natural England plans to use fox cull data to work out whether the badger cull is having an impact on ground-nesting birds, but how feasible is this and could it work as a proxy? James Fair reports


Why numerous checks were not enough to prevent a £327,000 duty of care payout

A company took multiple steps to comply with the duty of care but its failure to check the detailed conditions of an exemption allowing wood to be stored on a waste site in Cambridgeshire proved extremely costly. Conor McGlone investigates

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