ENDS Report Issue 528, March 2019

Environmental Politics Brexit Hub

Brexit war games: It’s 30 March and the UK has crashed out of the EU – what happens next?

Brexit war games: It’s 30 March and the UK has crashed out of the EU – what happens next?

On 29 March, the UK could exit the EU on World Trade Organisation terms. What would that mean for environmental policy?

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Environmental Politics

A new look for the ENDS Report

Look out for a new-look ENDS Report print journal arriving this week, with new intelligence pages featuring increased coverage of key compliance deadlines and case law, plus details of the latest environmental fines and environmental impact assessment updates

Environmental Law

Making crime pay: are enforcement undertakings leading to better outcomes?

Enforcement undertakings have raised more than £11m for good causes since 2011, exclusive ENDS analysis reveals, but are they leading to better outcomes for business and nature?

Land, Ecology & Development

What will the £5bn WINEP programme mean for consultancies?

The 2021-25 Water Industry National Environment Programme is the biggest scheme of environmental works yet to be undertaken by water companies. ENDS looks at the opportunities it will bring for consultancies

Land, Ecology & Development

Interview: What one of Britain’s biggest housebuilders thinks about net gain, nature and knotweed

Redrow sustainability chief Nicola Johansen gives ENDS a housebuilder’s take on how DEFRA’s plans for biodiversity net gain will work in practice

Land, Ecology & Development

Natural England: What’s in Tony Juniper’s in-tray?

With Tony Juniper poised to take the reins at Natural England, Rachel Salvidge asks what actions should feature on his to-do list

Land, Ecology & Development

The debrief: Inside a council’s pioneering biodiversity net gain planning policy

In 2016 Lichfield District Council introduced a policy requiring a 20% biodiversity net gain on developments. How has the approach worked out?

Environmental Politics Brexit Hub

Data check: DEFRA's Brexit recruitment drive

A look at the environment department’s growing workload in numbers

Water Brexit Hub

Why are utilities worried by the Office for Environmental Protection?

As the draft clauses of the Environment Bill make their way through the first stages of parliamentary scrutiny, concerns around the proposed green watchdog - the Office for Environmental Protection (OEP) - have begun to crystallise

Brexit Hub Environmental Politics

Why the green Brexit bill is raising concerns

With pre-legislative scrutiny of the draft Environment Bill under way, there are concerns its provisions introducing green principles would give the government a ‘get out of jail free card’. James Fair reports


Fact checker: Drax’s carbon-negative plans

Can adding carbon capture technology to Drax’s biomass plant enable it to become carbon-negative?

Land, Ecology & Development

Alien invasion: Which six ‘very high risk’ invasive species could arrive in the UK next?

The majority of invasive species posing the greatest risk to the EU could come to the UK, according to a major Europe-wide research project. But which ones? Catherine Early reports

Land, Ecology & Development

Deep issues: Why groundwater pollution is so hard to beat

The saga of bromate pollution still underlying the St Leonards Court housing estate in St Albans 19 years after it was detected is a reminder of just how difficult cleaning up groundwater can be.

Land, Ecology & Development

Who profits from DEFRA’s nature compensation schemes?

DEFRA’s nature compensation schemes could be worth £1.2bn a year, according to a report from the free market thinktank the IEA, but will wildlife profit or will others? Rachel Salvidge investigates

Environmental Politics

What does DEFRA’s water abstraction crackdown mean for industry and the environment?

DEFRA’s softly-softly approach to reforming its system of abstractions from rivers and groundwater has brought comfort to industry and frustration to environmental NGOs in equal measure

Environmental Law

Explainer: What are conservation covenants and will they become law?

Conservation covenants are back on the government’s policy agenda as a method for underpinning net gain. Here is everything you need to know about them...


Policy Briefing: Streamlined energy and carbon reporting

More companies will have to report their energy use and carbon emissions when new rules designed to simplify the reporting process enter into force on 1 April

Environmental Law

Court backs regulator in fracking challenge

Richard Macrory: A recent legal case has highlighted the difficulty of challenging a decision of an expert regulator in a complex technical field

Environmental Law

Infographic: Focus on EU infringement proceedings

As Brexit nears, the UK is among the EU member states with the most open infringement cases, this month's infographic reveals

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