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  • Bee populations are subject to numerous environmental pressures but fungicides were not thought to be among them. Photograph: TeunSpaans/Wikimedia

    Fungicide found to hit bees

    Declines in bee populations have been linked to a commonly used fungicide, surprising scientific consensus

  • Haweswater reservoir. Photograph: ATGimages/123RF

    EA models future water scenarios

    The EA has modelled five future scenarios exploring the implications for water resources and management

  • ICAO delegates decided that life-cycle emissions of alternative jet fuels should be 10% below those for kerosene.

    UN agrees aviation biofuel sustainability

    Life-cycle emissions of alternative jet fuels to be 10% below those for kerosene, according to new criteria

  • Environment secretary Michael Gove. Photograph: Parliament TV

    Gove mulls Environmental Protection Bill

    An Environmental Protection Act and a national policy statement underpinning environmental principles are being considered by the environment secretary

  • Bees and hoverflies are in decline. Photograph: WangAizhong/123RF

    Pollinator monitoring project underway

    A pollinator population project, soft launched in the summer with funding from DEFRA, is being heralded as a big step forward for vulnerable insects

  • The NQMS was created to improve the quality of developers’ planning submissions. Photograph: Ihar Leichonak/123RF

    Groundwater protection mark supported by EA

    The EA has added a voluntary national quality mark scheme for land contamination management to its groundwater protection policy statements

  • American signal crayfish. Photograph: Michael Lane/123RF

    SW Water hires invasive species specialist

    South West Water is the first UK water company to appoint a dedicated invasive non-native species ecologist

  • Cuadrilla's Preese Hall site after restoration. Photograph: Cuadrilla

    Treasury sets out frack fund plans

    Local communities will get to decide how up to 10% of tax revenues from fracking operations will be spent in their area but payouts are capped at £10m over 25 years

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