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  • Boris Johnson

    Johnson: EIA will be ‘our decision’

    Foreign secretary identifies environmental impact assessment as an area in which the UK ‘will be able to do our own thing’ following Britain’s exit from the EU

  • Sea floor after alleged dredging

    Illegal dredging uncovered in Scotland

    Environmental groups says more work is needed to monitor fishing vessels after illegal dredging was uncovered in a protected area

  • Salt marshes at Poole, Dorset. Photograph: Helen Hotson/123RF

    Protected coast habitat rapidly being lost

    The UK has lost swathes of protected intertidal habitat since 1945 and continues to lose at least 60 hectares every year, according to a study by the RSPB

  • Woman cycling through a park. Photograph: paza/123RF

    Councils feel pinch on environmental services

    The latest survey of local government finances has revealed that environment and waste services are under pressure in council budgets

  • Close up of cargo ship in loading bay. Photograph: Don Victorio/123RF

    Biodiversity risk of major new port terminal

    Natural England and the Environment Agency have raised concerns over impacts on biodiversity, pollution and flooding resulting from a major new port terminal

  • Jamie Carpenter, editor, ENDS Report

    Let’s not lose sight of the present

    Jamie Carpenter: As its name suggests, the government’s 25-Year Environment Plan looks to the far future. But does the flagship strategy have enough to say about the present?

  • Aerial view of housing development. Photograph: A.P.S. (UK)/Alamy Stock Photo Analysis

    What ‘net environmental gain’ means in practice

    The principle of ‘net environmental gain’ has been supported by the government in its 25-Year Environment Plan. Catherine Early explores what this might mean for housing and infrastructure projects

  • Lake in Scotland. Photograph: Jennifer Barrow/123RF

    Public bodies fail to submit biodiversity reports

    MSPs have launched an investigation into why more than half of Scotland’s public bodies are failing to submit biodiversity action reports as required by law

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