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  • Environment secretary Michael Gove. Photograph: Parliament TV

    Gove mulls Environmental Protection Bill

    An Environmental Protection Act and a national policy statement underpinning environmental principles are being considered by the environment secretary

  • Bees and hoverflies are in decline. Photograph: WangAizhong/123RF

    Pollinator monitoring project underway

    A pollinator population project, soft launched in the summer with funding from DEFRA, is being heralded as a big step forward for vulnerable insects

  • More water projects may qualify as 'nationally significant infrastructure'. Photograph: daveh123/123RF

    DEFRA tries to head off water shortage

    DEFRA plans to fast track planning consent for large water supply projects in a bid to head off a water shortage of up to a fifth of England’s demand by 2050

  • River Tamar in Devon has a legacy of contamination, particularly from its mining past. Photograph: Helen Hotson/Alamy Stock Photo

    Rise of the zombie pollutants

    Climate change is stirring up historic contaminated sediments from England’s rivers and little is being done to clean them up, as Rachel Salvidge discovers

  • NGOs are thrilled, the oil and gas industry less so. Photograph: 123RF

    Industry furious as Scotland bans fracking

    The Scottish government has announced it ‘will not support the development of unconventional oil and gas’ effectively banning fracking in Scotland

  • Michael Gove asked the committee for advice on the 25-year environment plan.

    Gove takes advice on 25-year environment plan

    The Natural Capital Committee has urged Michael Gove to include robust governance and measurable milestones in the forthcoming 25-year environment plan

  • Plan B would force government to review 2050 carbon emissions target. Photograph: Vladischern/123RF

    Government facing High Court action over carbon target ‘failure’

    BIES secretary Greg Clark told by climate charity Plan B that he must clean up Britain’s act and set an example to the rest of the world by tightening up carbon emission targets

  • A secondary consultation is lining up for takeoff later this year. Photograph: Rick Deacon/123RF

    Second consultation round promised for airports NPS

    New evidence on air traffic levels and revisions to air quality policy, mean the government will have to reopen consultation on the airports national policy statement

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