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  • Groundwater is protected where it is important for drinking water supply and maintaining rivers baseflows. Photograph: Helen Hotson/123RF

    Environment Agency updates groundwater vulnerability maps

    The Environment Agency has updated its groundwater vulnerability maps to include improved data and help regulators, planners and developers gauge the likely viability of projects

  • The revised Renewable Energy Directive will have stricker rules on sourcing wood biomass. Photograph: Piotr Krzeslak/123RF

    Biomass fuels debate on sustainability

    Bioenergy has dominated the EU’s agenda as a suitable renewable energy source for years with takers in the transport, heating and electricity generation sector, but is all this about to change for the UK? James Parsons investigates

  • River Tamar in Devon has a legacy of contamination, particularly from its mining past. Photograph: Helen Hotson/Alamy Stock Photo

    Rise of the zombie pollutants

    Climate change is stirring up historic contaminated sediments from England’s rivers and little is being done to clean them up, as Rachel Salvidge discovers

  • Wastewater is a major contributor to poor river water quality, according to WWF. Photograph: Alisluch/123RF

    Half of all rivers in England and Wales polluted by wastewater

    Some 55% of all rivers in England and Wales are failing to reach water quality standards because of wastewater pollution, according to the WWF

  • Councils will be left in limbo while the courts once again rule on roadside emissions. Photograph: Dmitry Kalinovsky/123RF

    New challenge to air quality plan

    The government’s third attempt at producing an air quality plan has failed to address the issues which doomed the two previous plans, claims ClientEarth

  • Environment secretary Michael Gove chastised for failing to respond to EFRA committee

    MPs warn DEFRA to pick up the pace

    The chair of the EFRA Committee has complained to the environment secretary that DEFRA is dragging its heels

  • Fracking approvals in England are progressing slowly. Photograph: Jonathan Mullen/123RF

    Environment Agency approves fracking plan

    The Environment Agency has approved Third Energy’s hydraulic fracture plan for a controversial North Yorkshire well site

  • NIC has published its consultation on steps needed for UK national infrastructure across all sectors. Photograph: Anthony Baggett/123RF

    Commission identifies flaws in environmental infrastructure

    Cross-sectoral weaknesses in energy efficiency, power, heat, water resources, transport and imminent funding gap must be shored up, the National Infrastructure Commission has said

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