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  • Clumber Park: Focus of row between fracking firm and National Trust. Photograph: Steve Bradley/123RF

    National Trust taken to court over shale stance

    The Oil and Gas Authority has given fracking and chemicals firm Ineos permission to take National Trust to court over its refusal to allow it access to its Clumber Park estate for shale surveys

  • The number of homes at risk of surface water flooding is increasing. Photograph: Steve AllenUK/123RF

    British towns to face more severe floods

    Major British towns can expect to experience more extreme flooding, droughts and heatwaves than has been previously predicted and the Paris Agreement will not hold back rising sea-levels, according to two studies

  • Oxford city

    EA shifts flood focus with business engagement

    The EA has warned ‘intense flooding’ incidents will increase as Oxford secures £120m for flood defence project

  • Boris Johnson

    Johnson: EIA will be ‘our decision’

    Foreign secretary identifies environmental impact assessment as an area in which the UK ‘will be able to do our own thing’ following Britain’s exit from the EU

  • Construction site

    Welsh planning to be aligned with environment law

    The Welsh government wants to align planning policy with goals set out under its environment and well-being of future generations acts

  • An aerial view of Nantwich

    Planning challenge following air quality fraud fails

    The High Court has rejected a request for statutory review of a council’s local plan, after it was found to be based on fraudulent air quality data

  • Close up of cargo ship in loading bay. Photograph: Don Victorio/123RF

    Biodiversity risk of major new port terminal

    Natural England and the Environment Agency have raised concerns over impacts on biodiversity, pollution and flooding resulting from a major new port terminal

  • Cuadrilla's Preston New Road test drilling site. Photograph: Cuadrilla Analysis

    Fracking industry making slow but sure progress in England

    The UK’s first ever horizontal fracking operation will take place this year. Rachel Salvidge sets out what you need to know about an industry that is on the verge of establishing itself in England

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