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  • The European Commission has taken action against the UK over air pollution several times. Photograph: 123RF

    The political environment

    What will Brexit mean for the enforcement of environmental law as the UK prepares to strike out on its own? Tom Reeve investigates what could replace the European Commission as the ultimate watchdog

  • Portrait of Henry VIII by Hans Holbein the Younger. Photograph: Google Art Project

    Should we be afraid of Henry VIII powers?

    The inclusion of Henry VIII powers in the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill has raised fears that ministers will use them to downgrade environmental protections

  • The AEB EfW complex supplies heat and power to Amsterdam, much of it generated from UK waste. Photograph: AEB Amsterdam

    RDF export group launches code of practice

    The RDF industry has come together in an attempt to streamline the multimillion pound business which faces an uncertain future post-Brexit

  • Conlon previously pleaded guilty to 24 waste offences at Newry Magistrates’ Court. Photograph: Eric Jones/geograph.org.uk

    NI man ordered to pay back £15k for fuel laundering

    Conlon, whose offences lead to almost £40,000 in cleanup costs must pay back £15,000 within three years or he faces nine months in prison

  • Nathan Richardson, senior policy officer, RSPB

    A system that rewards law breakers is in need of reform

    Nathan Richardson: We all want to reduce pollution but asking customers to pay water companies for breaking the law less often is not the way to go about it. Nor is hoping for less flood-inducing weather

  • Microbeads are used as exfoliants in face creams and toothpastes. Photograph: Stephen Cordory/123RF

    Wales consults on microbead ban

    The manufacture and sale of microbeads will be prohibited in Wales from next summer

  • Fracking approvals in England are progressing slowly. Photograph: Jonathan Mullen/123RF

    Environment Agency approves fracking plan

    The Environment Agency has approved Third Energy’s hydraulic fracture plan for a controversial North Yorkshire well site

  • F-gases are used as coolants in air conditioning units. Photograph: Visionsi/123RF

    EAC seeks input on F-gas progress

    The Commons’ Environmental Audit Committee has launched an inquiry into the regulation of fluorinated greenhouse gases

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