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Legislation in focus 2022-2023

The ENDS Compliance Manager special annual market report published in April 2023 reviews the changes to the legislative and regulatory landscape across the environment and health & safety in 2022, and explores what’s coming up for 2023. Covering:

  • New legislation in 2022: Environmental and health and safety legislation newly published, repealed and in force
  • New compliance calendar:  2023 upcoming deadlines and policy changes
  • 2023 Bills in Parliament : which major Bills are coming up in 2023, and a look at outsider-bills unlikely to go through
  • Targets: what’s the direction of travel for the UK’s green ambitions post-Brexit? 

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Financial penalties in 2023... and how to stay compliant in 2024

Discover the shifting landscape of environmental compliance in 2023, from the escalating costs of pollution penalties to the pivotal rules frequently overlooked. Gain critical insights into the Environment Agency's formidable enforcement powers and their strategic deployment, ensuring you stay ahead of regulatory challenges in 2024. Delve into five key financial penalties that illuminate the critical pitfalls to be mindful of, guiding your path towards impeccable compliance.

  • How the cost of pollution penalties is rising
  • The rules that are most commonly flouted
  • The EA’s sweeping new enforcement powers – and how it intends to use them
  • PLUS Five financial penalties that highlight key pitfalls to look out for

PRICE: £2995

Contact  Samantha Critchell  if you'd like to place an order for this market report.
0208 267 4232

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